How To Convert a GIF to an MPG

Graphic Interface Format or GIF is a file format many graphics artists use to make animations. Think of them as a slideshow of multiple image files compressed into one file, or a video file with a smaller file size. Sometimes, websites require users to use Moving Pictures Experts Group or MPEG or MPG, a video file format. MPG produces a better output than GIF files. Another thing about MPG files is that you can wait for them to load before you play them while GIF files play automatically. Converting a GIF to an MPG is possible if you have the right tools.

Here are the steps that you should follow to convert a GIF to an MPG:

  • Find a software program. Go online and surf the Internet to find websites that offer a download of converters. Download a free converter that will let you convert the GIF file. A free converter will have limited features but you do not need to spend so much money if you only have to convert a file once. Read a few reviews about each software before you download it so you could have an idea about the features of the software. Verify each download too, to avoid the possibility of downloading a virus. After downloading the software program, install it to your computer.
  • Run the program. Place the file that you need to convert into a folder so that you can easily locate it. Run the program. Take some time to study the program’s features so you can easily navigate through it. When you feel like you already got the hang of using the software program, choose a GIF file and convert it. You may choose a different file first; this will serve as your tester. Play with the settings of the program before you finalize the conversion. Convert the file and save it using the filename tester. Play the movie to test if you were able to convert the GIF file without any errors.
  • Convert the GIF file. Now that you were able to convert the test file, load the GIF that you wish to convert into MPG. Play with the settings to get the effect that you want. The software program has a feature that will let you see a preview of the output file. Until you get the desired result, continue playing with the settings. Convert the file. A prompt will show up asking you to choose the quality and size of the output file. Another prompt will show up asking you to specify a directory where you wish to save the MPG file. Save the file into the same folder where the GIF file is located. You may need to use a different filename to avoid confusion. After saving the MPG file, test it by using a multimedia player to play the movie.
  • Use the MPG file. Now that you were able to convert the GIF into an MPG file, you can use it as you wish. You may uninstall the program or keep it if you are planning to convert GIF files into MPG in the future.

Converting a GIF file into MPG is sometimes necessary. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to perform this task. You just need to follow these steps and find a good software program to let you do it.


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