How To Convert a Microsoft Publisher Document to Microsoft Word Yourself

Microsoft publisher offers a wide array of choices when it comes to displaying photos and written texts from brochures to letterheads and other sources. The disadvantage however, is that some people you may wish to share Microsoft Publisher files with, are not familiar with this program. Some people may not even be aware of its existence at all. This maybe partly due to the popularity of the other programs that Microsoft offers like PowerPoint or even Word that can both display text and pictures. Thus, sharing a file using Publisher may prove to be frustrating because the people that you may send them to may not even bother to open the file.

In order to avoid this scenario here are the steps you need to take in order to convert a Microsoft Publisher File to a Microsoft Word document:

  • Open the Publisher file that you wish to convert to Word. If there are pictures on the page, click ‘Edit’ on the toolbar. You will then see an option called ‘Select All’. Click ‘Select all’ then afterward, you can click on ‘Copy’. If the Publisher file you want to convert contains texts only, you may just right click directly on the text box seen on the entire page. You then should see some choices like ‘Cut’, ‘Copy’ and ‘Paste’. Click ‘Copy’ for this step.
  • Open a blank Word Document. After using the ‘Copy’ command, this time you must click ‘Paste’ that you will find in the tool bar. This is applicable to files that contain a mix of both texts and pictures.
  • Check the document. Do not panic if the pictures and texts you have copied earlier from the Publisher file may seem to be incomplete in the Word document. In some instances, the pasted content may appear distorted. Do not worry because this can happen. Just check it initially and then see the changes that you may have to make later.
  • Adjust the layout of the document. Remember that Publisher format is different from Word so the display settings are likely to change when you converted it. For adjusting the margins, click on ‘Page Layout’ in your Word toolbar. You will see there, a setting named ‘Margins.’ Click on this. Clicking on the menu option ‘Margins’ will give you another option called ‘Layout Settings,’ where you can then set the margins of the page.
  • Make adjustments. If you have to deal with more texts that a single page could allow for viewing, you can try either try to decrease the size of your texts. For example, from font size 16 you may reduce it to 13. You can also simply just let the texts occupy more than one page although reading it would be a little inconvenient.

If you ever get irritated in doing the said steps, just try again. Do not readily give up. It may take awhile to get used to but remember that practice makes perfect. Knowing how to convert Publisher to Word may prove to be an advantage for you later.


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