How To Convert a Microsoft Publisher File to a Web Page

Microsoft Publisher is one productivity tool that lets you create files intended for desktop publishing. This means that you can have your work formatted with much ease as the tool will do most of the programming for you. Files made in the Microsoft Publisher format are very flexible that they can be used not just for desktop publishing, but for Web publishing as well.

  1. Access the Microsoft Publisher program on your computer. Point your mouse cursor to the Start button and click on it for a menu to be revealed. Highlight All Programs and another cascading list will pop up. Look for the option Microsoft Publisher from among the many items listed and click on it once.
  2. Access the file to start the conversion process. Once in the Microsoft Publisher window, direct your mouse to the File tab and click on it. Select the option Open File for a window with the same title to pop up. Browse through the different files stored in your PC to find the file you want to convert. Once located, highlight and click it and select the Open button for it to be opened in the Microsoft Publisher program. Now, click on the File tab for a dropdown list to appear once more. Highlight and click on the option Create Web Site from Current Publication. A small pop up window, the Design Checker box, will then appear. Choose all the pages that need conversion and click on the button Yes. If necessary, you can make changes in the settings in this window by selecting from the various options presented.  Once this is done, click on Yes again for the Design Checker Download Time window to be revealed. This window will update you on how long the design checking process will take place. Once done, just click on the button OK.
  3. Put the intended title of the Microsoft Publisher file. Direct your mouse pointer to the File tab once more and click on it. Highlight and click the option Web Properties from among the list presented so as to access a window that will require typing in the file name, title page and such.
  4. Opt to see a sample of the file before saving. For a sample to be displayed on your computer screen, click on the option Web Preview from the dropdown list that appears after clicking on the File tab.

Once everything is set and you are quite satisfied with how the sample Web page looks, then you can now click on the File tab and select Save As from the dropdown menu. Make sure that you choose the option HTML in the Save as type: section.


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