How To Convert a MOV File to Windows Media Player Format

As technology created a billionaire out of Bill Gates, the quest to keep exclusivity in application programs is apparently the way technology is gearing into. Take for example the trending for media players alone. The MOV is a file format read only by programs designed for Mac computers. If you have a Mac computer, playing a MOV file is easy. It is another matter if your computer is of a different brand though, because the MOV format is a file for QuickTime. One may have to download an entire program for these files to play properly with a Windows operating system.

However, if you do not want to download such programs, conversion maybe the solution you just need. Converting the MOV file to Windows Media Player format (WMP) will then allow you to play the MOV file in computers that use Windows.

Here are the steps you need to convert the file:

  • Find a converter online. File sharing web sites are everywhere on the Internet. You can also search for these online. Look for a MOV converter. Some converters are free so you do not need to pay for them. If you are still uncertain on which file converter to use you may ask an acquaintance in the IT department for advice regarding your need for a converter. If you do not have a friend who is knowledgeable in computers, you can go online for reviews regarding file converters. The same thing can be done with the other websites that offer freeware. The reviews you read will enable you to make a judgment call on which converter to download and from which website it should come from.
  • Click on free download. Once you find a converter you are comfortable with, click ‘Free download’. The download process would then begin. When the program asks for a confirmation, click ‘Save As.’ The converter will then be saved in, and all you have to do is to install it. When the program is successfully downloaded you can then use this to convert the MOV file you want to Windows Media Player.
  • Wait for the download. At this point you are more than halfway done. Just wait for the screen to prompt ‘Run.’ Click the ‘Run’ button to complete the process of installing the converter. After that, you will see ‘Finish.’ Click on ‘Finish.’ In some instances clicking ‘Finish’ will automatically open the program for you.
  • Go to ‘Files.’ Here you may also see the ‘Add Files’ button. This will allow you to browse for the MOV file that you want to convert to WMP.
  • Click ‘File’ or ‘Profile.’ It depends on the converter you downloaded. Some converters have the ‘File’ button while others have ‘Profile.’ From here, you can click ‘Windows Media Videos’ (WMV). The converter may then show ‘Browse’ clicking ‘Browse’ would allow you to decide which destination you want to send the converted files. For example you can send it to Drive D:
  • Click ‘Record.’ Clicking the indicated button will convert your MOV file to WMV so that you can view it at your Windows player.

Converting files nowadays is easier because of freeware websites so you need not worry where to get a converter. Hopefully, following these steps in the download process can help you.


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