How To Convert a PDF File to Auto CAD

Convert PDF File to AutoCAD

PDF, or Portable Document Format, is a file format that contains 2D illustrations. These illustrations can be in the form of images, text or 2D vector graphics. This type of file format was developed by Adobe Systems. The vector objects, drawings, images and texts found on a PDF file can be imported into an AutoCAD DWG file.

Converting PDF files into AutoCAD DWG files enables users to edit and remove arcs or lines from the vector objects imported from the PDF file. The user will need to use an AutoCAD software application in order to edit the imported drawings from the PDF file. The software application AutoCAD is primarily used in designing and drafting both 2D and 3D images. It was developed and distributed worldwide by Autodesk, Inc.

Step 1

Find a PDF to AutoCAD Converter program over the Internet. Type the keywords in search engines to find the application.

Step 2

Read all the key features included and the requirements needed before downloading the application. The featuresof a PDF to AutoCAD Converter application include (1) able to convert PDF files to AutoCAD DWG files, (2) a user-friendly Graphic User Interface, (3) capability to extract and import embedded vector objects and images from PDF files, and (4) can support different types of PDF entities such as text and polygons.

Step 3

Download the PDF to AutoCAD Converter software for a free trial.

Step 4

When the download is finished, click the icon of the downloaded application. An installation prompt will show on the desktop screen. Follow the instructions and then install the program in your computer.

Step 5

After the installation process, copy a shortcut of the software to the desktop or to any folder the user chooses to. Click the icon of the PDF to AutoCAD Converter application’s icon to launch the program’s window.

Step 6

The software’s window allows users to choose an action to perform. The user can first add a PDF file in the list box placed in the center of the program window. This is done by clicking the “add a PDF file” button located on the lower left part of the application’s list box.

Step 7

Configure the “Output Options” by clicking its button placed on the lower left part of the application window. Choose AutoCAD DWG file as your output format.

Step 8

Point the mouse pointer on the “Action” menu that is placed on the upper right part of the program window. Click “Convert” to convert the selected PDF files in the list box into AutoCAD DWG files.


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