How To Convert a PDF to a Flash Flip Book

Flash flipping book is an output file created using programs that can give ordinary files in your computer a book-like effect when you view it. This program basically creates the impression that you are reading a book through your computer because it allows you to flip virtual pages. Adding to this, Flash flip books also add a nifty appearance to the way you view your files in your computer. It allows your files to appear in a more organized manner, thus creating a more pleasurable experience. It is like getting that same feeling when you open a book from a reputable publishing house. Individual pages appear orderly and are showcased in a fashion similar to actual books. Furthermore, the program is very useful in viewing magazine or catalog sites that showcase different products on the web. Online magazine viewing may feel like the real thing without the costly price when you use Flash flip. 

If you want to experience the difference of Flash Flip books in your computer here are steps you will need to convert PDF files to Flash Flip Book:

  • Download a Flash-flip program via the internet. There are several Flash flip programs available on the internet. You may first research on the downloadable programs with the best reviews online. You may also check for available programs on the web directly like on sites that offer freewares. Once you have decided on which available program to download, simply download the program of your choice on your computer.
  • Open PDF in the Adobe Illustrator. Open the PDF File in your computer that you wish to use for viewing via Flash Flip later. At the onset, you can choose PDF files that you simply want to practice turning into Flash Flip Books. There is no need to be so serious so choose whatever files come to mind.
  • Once the program is downloaded. Go to ‘File’ in the program then click ‘Select’. From clicking on ‘Select’, other choices will appear on a list. Click ‘SWF’ as the file type to use from this list. In doing this you will create page 1. Put all the new SWF files in the path indicated as the ‘Pages’ folder of the Flash Flipping Book output file.
  • In online viewing. Open "Pages.xml," a file located in your folder, then add a link pointing to your new SWF file  located in the ‘Pages’ folder indicated in step three. This step will then enable your new program to load the new SWF output file. Do this step for every page that you included.
  • Test your book on the computer. The saying goes that the proof of the pudding is in the eating so go ahead and do not hesitate to view your new Flash Flip Book files. If you can, try to make another file to see how well you can manage the program.

If downloading the program is slow just be patient. Fortunately, things will go much more smoothly after this. If the program stalls, do not give it up all together. Just wait for a time. Simply follow the steps indicated above, and you will be able to Flash Flip in no time at all.


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