How To Convert a VCE to a PDF

Taking online certification exams is much more convenient and less time consuming because it allows you to download the exam, answer it in your computer, and send it back to the testers without getting up off your chair. You can be certified without leaving the comfort and familiarity of your own home.

Most of these files are VCE files that run on the Visual CertExam software. This is a piece of software designed to create and edit certification exams. These file formats are much like e-paper and can be converted into PDF format by following these steps.

  • In the Visual CertExam, go do design mode and select "File" This menu is oftentimes found at the left side of the navigation window of the program.
  • Then select "Print" and when the pop up box comes out, select "Print to PDF"
  • Depending on your computer, you may have to rename the file to ensure it is saved as a .PDF file. This is a common problem in Macintosh machines that don't have file extensions. Specifying the file extension makes sure that the file you're converting will be compatible across platforms.
  • After saving, double check if your converted PDF file can be read by Adobe Acrobat programs. Try to read the newly converted PDF file in either Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat. If the file opens as a PDF file, then you've successfully converted it. If the Acrobat programs do not recognize the file, try repeating steps 1 to 2. Most programs have an Acrobat driver that converts files to e-paper or PDF format; you should have no trouble with this step.
  • After making sure the file has the correct extension, try to locate it in your computer by using the "search" function on your desktop. Most programs tend to keep their files in specific folders inside the system that are difficult to locate at first. After you've found out where the new PDF file has been saved, just move it to a location of your choice. Some issues of lost files may boil down to the user not knowing where the software saves its files.

File compatibility is hardly ever an issue in this day and age. Many computer software creators have come to terms in common file formats that their software can share and use. Common examples of these are JPG, DOC and HTML files that can be opened in many, competing software programs. VCE is not that different but proper conversion is important because VCE contains test information that are often important and could determine your future viability.

By making sure you're properly converting file formats to PDF you are ensuring that whatever essential information is needed in the original file is passed on accurately and precisely to PDF format. And when it comes to certifying exams and tests, you need all of your important information migrated as accurately as possible.

You may also want to visit the site below for a video step by step process on the file conversion.


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