How To Convert a Video File to DVD Format

A Tutorial About Super DVD Creator 9.5

 This is a tutorial teaching how to convert a video file to the DVD format using the "Super DVD Creator".

  1. Download and intall "Super DVD Creator". You can find this program at Super DVD Creator 9.5 (shareware) or by searching "Super DVD Creator" on
  2. Start the program.
  3. Set the configurations. Do this before the program starts. Press the "Convert Video To Vob" button. At this new window you have to check "VOB - DVD Files" and press ok (V). The window should change and you have to set new configurations. If you have just one file to convert, go to the next step.
  4. Select the video file. To select the video file that you want to convert, press the "+" buttom at the bottom, then select the video file that you want to convert from the folder where it is located. Press "Open". Now set the Image Scalling settings to the "Image Ratio Setting" that you want to watch on your dvd player (I always set the 4:3 configuration). This should be your television configuration. Check "Auto add letter box" then press the ">>" button and go to the next step.
  5. Converting. At the "Working folder" box, select the folder where you want to save the DVD files. At "Convert Engine" you can select what you prefer (quality, speed, min size). At the "OutPut Setup" you have to input your television configuration. I always set NTSC configuration to my television. Now press "Start" and wait for several minutes. Then close the program, go to the selected folder at the "Working Folder" step and viola, there are your dvd files.

Enjoy your videos.


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