How To Convert a Wordperfect File into a Word Document

Computer users have different preferences when it comes to computer software and applications. That is why program manufacturers have done their best in coming up with the best software that will dominate the computer landscape. This has also led to software being made to be compatible with one another so as not to alienate different minded users. May it be in a Mac or a PC, Adobe or Corel, quality file sharing and interactivity is key.

That brings the discussion to files that cannot be easily read. Just like in the case of word processing software Wordperfect and Microsoft Word. Despite Microsoft Word grasping the majority share, Wordperfect has some fans and users. So here are some tips on how Wordperfect users can convert a Wordperfect file into a Microsoft Word Document.

  • What’s the word? But before you start transferring your Wordperfect files to Microsoft Word Documents make sure you are set to do it. Scour your Wordperfect files and then tag and put them in organized folders to avoid confusion. Then check your computer if your Microsoft Word is working properly. A computer in optimum running condition is ideal to avoid unwanted problems. It pays to be ready than be sorry.
  • Open before beginning. To get things started, toggle the Microsoft Word by double-clicking the icon on the desktop or by opening the program in the Start menu.
  • File hunt now. When you have opened Microsoft Word, hunt for the open option. Toggle it by opening the File menu. You can now browse through a window filled with files. Thoroughly look for the Wordperfect document you want to be converted. To avoid confusion, make sure that the window is looking at all files type and not just Word document.
  • Wordperfect on. After scouring through your files, highlight the Wordperfect file you want to open. Then double-click it to open. Or you can also highlight and click the open button. As soon as the Wordperfect file opens the window closes. By this time you can see the share ability of different programs at work. Now it is easier to transfer files.
  • Custom fit that file. Despite the increased share ability of files with various programs, you still have to review your Wordperfect file upon opening. See if the fonts you used still apply. Also, double-check the formatting like features and alignment. They do have the tendency to change when opened in Microsoft Word. The same could be said for photos and Clip Art files inserted in the document. Always have a keen eye when checking. You can never be too sure.
  • Save it. After making the necessary adjustments it is time to save the Wordperfect file into Microsoft Word documents. This one is pretty simple. Toggle the File menu and choose Save As. In doing so you can transform the file type into Microsoft Word Document. To do this, simply remove the Wordperfect format name; it is the word after your file name’s actual name. Then replace it with .doc. After that choose a folder where you want to save your document. Then click Save.

You don’t have to despair when your files are a mix of Wordperfect and Microsoft Word. Now there is an easy way to do it.


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