How To Convert AMR Files to WAV

Taking videos on your phone is lots of fun! They're handy, easy to use and are always in a position to capture a perfect slice of life anytime anywhere. But when it comes to sharing these videos online, you will normally come to a huge stumbling block. Most G3 phones save files as Adaptive Multi-Rate or AMR files and this particular file format is native to phones but not for computers. So if you want your relatives and friends to see that cute video you made on your phone, you've got some converting to do.

The best file to convert your AMR file is to a WAV file. WAV files are more commonly used by computers and are pretty much standard file formats that many viewing programs can easily pick up and read. WAV files are popular regardless of whether you're using a Mac or a PC and most software can identify and read them.

For this conversion, you'll need Internet access as you'll be using an online converter. Once online, follow the steps below:

  • Go online. Select a converter site from the list below. Most of the sites below are capable of multiple conversions across different file formats to convert to. Keep in mind that these are just suggested sites. There are many more online converters that you can use to convert to WAV. It's just a matter of finding one that works best for you or one that gives great results.
  • Upload. Once you've picked out a program, you can upload the AMR file you want to convert by choosing "Browse" > "Open" when you've located the file. Do not change any of the preset settings in any dialogue box that pops up as these programs have been designed to identify the file format and input the appropriate details.
  • Convert. In the "Output format" drop down menu, locate ".WAV" as a file extension. Since you're converting from a phone file, you may want to rename it to something that's easily remembered. Select "OK" to begin the conversion. Also, a WAV file isn't the be all and end all when it comes to file conversion. Depending on how you want your video's resolution, you can convert it to other file formats.
  • Wait. Depending on site activity, the size, and the length of the file being converted, your wait could be measured in seconds or in minutes. The best thing about converting it from the site is that you will be informed by pop up boxes. The pop up box can also help you monitor progress and to check if your file settings are correct.

Sharing videos taken from your mobile phone isn't too hard a process as long as you know where to convert the file. Some online converters also feature downloadable programs that you can install in your phone as an app. The advantage of these programs and apps is that you don't have to depend on Internet connection to convert your files. Once downloaded and installed in your computer or mobile, you won't be hindered by Internet traffic or ISP speed.


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