How To Convert AUD to WAV

Ever play a computer game where the music was so catchy and upbeat that you simply had to have it for your iPod or Windows Media Player? So you pop your game CD into the computer and proceed to download the music files from it only to realize that they're .AUD files and you can't play them in any program! Don't fret though, there's a solution for that. You can simply change the file to a more compatible file format like WAV.

You'll need to download one of the many conversion software some developers distribute for free online. So before you get to the steps below, it's best that you use an audio conversion software you're pretty familiar with. For the purpose of instruction, we'll be using Audacity as a conversion program, which has the LameLib Carbon encoding tool software to convert files. So follow the steps below.

  • Open Audacity. From the Audacity program, simply drag and drop the files you want to convert into the program icon. Make sure that the files are all correctly loaded into the program by checking the file names queued up in the program window.
  • Begin conversion. Select "File" > "Export as WAV" from the drop down menu in Audacity. You may also choose to export the file as an MP3 format by selecting the option in the same menu. Most audio conversion software can export the files to either WAV or MP3, as these are the two most popular music file formats out there today.
  • Name it. Always remember to rename the file. You may still want the AUD file for other purposes later on so it's best you create a duplicate file to convert to WAV or MP3. Of course you can always just copy the AUD file from the game CD but that's a tedious process you already went through so why bother going through it again when you can work with duplicate files.
  • Waiting game. Depending on the amount and file size of your AUD file, conversion can take from a few seconds to an hour. So leave the software to convert your files as you do something else. Never interrupt the conversion process and make sure your laptop is plugged into the wall socket and not using up battery. Interrupting the conversion process can leave corrupted files that will benefit no one.

Converting AUD files to WAV or MP3 is as easy as a few keystrokes to download and operate audio conversion software. There are a lot of audio conversion software available free of charge online if you know where to look. There is no real difference between them all as they offer the same file conversion anyway. So the best thing to do is to find one that you are fairly familiar with and know how to operate. Visit and search for the converters they have there.

You can also change the settings of the audio file converters so you can customize the sound of your new WAV or MP3 file. But these techniques are not easily taught, download an audio file converter and play around with it so you can figure out which settings provide the best sound for you. Have fun!


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