How To Convert AVI to RMVB

AVI (Audio Video Interleave) is a common multimedia format used for audio and video files in the computer. On the other hand, RMVB or RealMedia Variable Bitrate is mostly used for streaming multimedia content over the Internet. RMVB video files are distributed widely in the Asian regions.

To be able to upload or share video files more effectively without compromising the quality of the file, AVI files are converted to RMVB format. Here is a simple process of how you can convert your AVI files to RMVB:

Select "Download now" or "OK", depending on the website, to get the installer. You may be asked for a file folder path where the installer would be saved.

  • Install the converter. After downloading, the installer may or may not start automatically. If it does not, locate the folder where you had it saved. Double-click the installer file to launch it. Click on the "Run" button.
  • Follow the installation process. There may be a series of "Next" buttons you have to click. Read the Terms and Condition and make sure the "I Agree" button is ticked before proceeding. Select a destination folder and click "Install".
  • Run it. As soon as the installation process is done, a confirmation is usually shown. Click on the "Finish" or "Close" buttons. This should launch the converter automatically. If the file converter is not launched after installation, click on the Windows Start button and locate the application under the Programs list.

Now that you have the converter installed and running, it's time to convert your AVI file.

  • Choose the format. If you are using the Xilisoft Video Converter from, go to the profile drop-down menu at the lower part of the window. You will be presented with a list of different file formats. Choose "RM-RealVideo (*.rm)" from the list.
  • Add the AVI file. Now, click on the "Add" button on the upper left portion of the screen. A pop-up window is presented. Browse from the file folders and choose the AVI video you want to convert. Notice that the file is now listed under the Name table.
  • Start the conversion. Click on the "Encode" button. Notice that the status of conversion is displayed on the table. Wait for the whole bar to fill and you're done! You can also see a preview of the video in the small screen on the lower right portion of the window.

Now that you have your AVI video converted to RMVB, you are ready to upload or stream this over the Internet. Given that the file is now smaller, it would be faster to share videos online. Note though that unlike AVI files, RMVB videos do not play on most media players. Make sure you have a compatible media player installed in your PC to enjoy your new RMVB files.


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