How To Convert Cue Files to MP3 Files

The MP3 has become the standard format when it comes to compressed digital audio. Most of the music you download today uses this format. Moreover, the portable audio devices that you use today are designed to play MP3 formatted music. Hence, the reason they are called MP3 players. Even your precious iPod works with MP3 files almost exclusively when it comes to audio.

Rarely, you may encounter files that are considered audio files but in a totally different format. These are .cue extension files and are typically files with compression formats totally different from MP3 files. The .cue files compress audio files into smaller sizes without compromising any loss in audio quality. Now these files are typically used for digital recording and mixing so finding a player, software or hardware, to play this type of audio file on can be quite difficult. This is where converting the file into MP3 comes into play. Here are some steps on how you can convert a .cue file into an .mp3 file.

  • MP3 converter of your choice. There are many audio file converters out there that you can easily download from the Internet. Some of them are free while others require a fee. Some may offer a trial so that you can initially use for several days before you will be forced to upgrade. Now, since you are looking for a converter that can convert .cue into .mp3, then you will need to specifically look for one that can do just that. Visit and see if your search can get you anything useful. Google is another option as well however; the first 2 pages of hits you will get from the search may only feature software that you will have to purchase.
  • Installation. After deciding on the converter to go with and completing the download, you will need to install the software into your computer. To do this, simply double-click on the file and follow the instructions until the software completes the installation process. A shortcut should be plastered on your desktop as part of the installation process. You can double click on it to run the program after installation.
  • Actual process. Once you are done installing the software, you can now start converting your .cue files to mp3. Once the program loads up, look for the source video and navigate to locate the .cue file you will want to convert. The next step is to decide on the output, in this case, the Mp3 format. Finally, you can proceed with the conversion. Click the "convert file" or something to that extent to initiate the process.

Now that you know how easy it is to convert a .cue file to .mp3, you can start converting the others by simply repeating the process. The new .mp3 files can now be played on your computer or loaded on an MP3 player and played elsewhere. Now when you convert these files, it is important to keep a copy of the original .cue file tucked safely away in your hard drive should you find the need to use it in that particular format someday. Remember that .cue files will have better audio quality than the .mp3 version. So it is definitely worthwhile to keep the original file safe and backed up.


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