How To Convert QXP to PDF

There are several ways that you can convert Quark files in the QXP format into PDF, and the following discusses the ways and details the steps on how to go about this conversion process with little or no difficulty at all.

1. Converting QXP to PDF using third party conversion software.

  • Get your hands on the “Universal Document Converter” by logging on to your Internet account, opening a Web browser and going to “”.
  • Install the UDC on your computer once your download is completed by double clicking on its icon.
  • When the program is installed on your computer, Launch QuarkXpress.
  • Open the document you intend to convert either by hitting “File” and then selecting “Open”. Conversely, you can use shortcut keys “Ctrl” and “O” to pull up the Open dialogue box you will use in order to go to the folder path where you have the QXP file saved. Highlight the item and double click on it and this will open the file inside QuarkXpress.
  • Once the file is opened, hit “File” and then “Print”. Conversely, you can use the shortcut keys “Ctrl” and “P” to launch the “Print” dialogue box.
  • On the field next to “Printer”, hit the dropdown box and choose “Universal Document Converter” as the name of the printer.
  • Hit the “Properties” to launch Universal Document Converter’s Properties dialogue box.
  • On the left side of the dialogue box, hit “Load Properties”.
  • Hit “Open” to launch the Open dialogue box, highlight and double click on “Text documents to PDF”.
  • Hit “OK” to initiate the conversion of the file and wait for the program to finish converting.

By default, your file will be stored on the “UDC Output Files” folder found in My Documents.

2. Converting QXP to PDF using QuarkXpress. This way will only work if you have QuarkXpress 8 installed on your computer. Otherwise, you will need to do the step detailed above.

  • Pull up QuarkXpress and then open your file inside the program. You can easily do this either by hitting “File” on the menu bar and selecting “Open” from the options listed, or using the shortcut keys “Ctrl” and “O”. when the Open dialogue box populates your screen, go to the folder where you have the QXP file saved, highlight the document and press the “Open” button to open the file.
  • Next, hit “File” on the menu bar, click “Export” and then select “Layout to PDF” to populate the Export to PDF dialogue pane.
  • On the Export to PDF pane, hit “Options”, and then select “Compression”. Change all compression options to “None” by clicking on their respective drop down menus and selecting “None”.
  • Hit “Color”, then “Setup”, hit the drop down menu and choose “Composite CMYK”.
  • Hit “OPI” and tick the box next to “OPI Active”.
  • Hit “PDF” and make sure you choose “Direct to PDF”.

Start the conversion of the file by hitting “OK” and then “Save”. Wait for the program to complete the conversion process and when it is done, you now have a PDF version of the QXP file.


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