How To Copy a DVD to a Flash Disk

There are dozens of applications that you can use to copy a DVD to a USB flash drive. These applications pretty much work the same way even if they are of different brands. One of the most popular DVD ripping and copying programs in the market today is NERO. Like most, DVD rippers, Nero offers an automated solution to copy DVDs and other media files onto any kind of hard drive. The same procedure can be used to copy a DVD file onto a flash drive as well. However, before going through the motions and copying your first DVD onto your drive, make sure that the DVD you are copying is a DVD owned by you. Copying and reproducing any data or media that you do not own is illegal. That being said, using NERO, you can now start copying a DVD onto your flash disk.

Insert your USB flash disk. The great thing about flash disks is that it is totally portable. You can bring it anywhere thus enabling portability of data. The first step in copying your favorite DVD movie onto a flash disk is by inserting the flash disk onto your computer. Locate the USB slot and insert the flash disk there. Give the operating system a few seconds to detect and enable the flash disk.

Load NERO. Nero burning and ripping software is not free. To get the full package that unlocks all its features, you will need to purchase a commercial installation disk sold at various computer stores or you can purchase the license online and download the software. However, Nero does offer a limited trial offer that will enable you to use the software for a short time before you will have to pay for a license. Download the trial version of Nero 9 at Depending on your Internet connection speed, it should take a few minutes to download the installation file. Once the download is completed, double-click the installation file to continue with the installation process. Follow the steps to successfully install Nero. As soon as the installation is completed, load Nero by clicking on the desktop shortcut or through the “Start” menu.

Insert the DVD. Select the DVD you want to copy and insert it into your DVD drive. Allow the computer a few seconds for it to detect the DVD. At the same time, Nero will detect the DVD and prompt it.

Choose the Nero copying function. When you load Nero, opt for Nero Express since it has the simplest interface. Choose the “Copy DVD” feature. A new window will come up displaying the “Source” media and the “Destination” drive. For the source, it will automatically point to the DVD but in case that it does not, edit it by click the right source. For the destination drive, navigate to your flash disk location and select it for the Nero to read it. Select the particular folder inside your flash disk if you want the DVD image copied there. One you are satisfied, click the “Start copying” button at the lower right corner. This should start the copying. Nero will then alert you when the DVD has been copied successfully.

As soon as Nero finishes the job, open up your flash disk and navigate to where the DVD image was copied to check if it is there. Nero is one of many DVD copying applications in the market. Other applications may cost cheaper or are even free.


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