How To Copy and Paste Parts of a Document

Various controls are available for computer users to make composing and revising of materials easier and quicker. The instructions below intend to teach Windows computer users how to use the keyboard commands to copy and paste parts of a document. Here's how:

  1. Look for that part of the document you wish to have copied and pasted. Simply locate the part of the document that you want to copy and paste. If what you are working on is rather a long document with pages and pages of text, then you can simplify your search by entering a set of keyboard commands. On your keyboard, press the Ctrl key found on the bottom left part of the keyboard. After that, press the F key simultaneously. Notice that a pop up window, the Find and Replace window, appears. Make sure that you select the Find tab on the said window. Under the Find what: section type the set of words, phrases, or whole sentence that you intend to look for in the long document file. Hit Enter on your keyboard and the program will look for the set of words you have entered.
  2. Highlight the selected data and enter some more keyboard commands. Direct the mouse cursor at the beginning of the word you intend to copy. Now, press the Shift key on the keyboard while simultaneously pressing the right arrow key if you are starting the process of highlighting from left to right. Notice how the text will be highlighted while pressing both keys at the same time. If you will be highlighting in the from the direction of right to left, then hold the Shift and left arrow keys at the same time to highlight the section of the document.
  3. Start copying the highlighted section of the document. Now that the section you have identified has already been highlighted, you can now let go of the Shift and arrow keys. Doing so will still keep the text highlighted so long as you do not touch anything on the mouse or the keyboard. On the keyboard, hit the keys Ctrl and C simultaneously to copy the section of the text.
  4. Paste the copied section onto the desired location. By now, you should already have identified where to place the section you want to copy. If it would be on a new document, then by all means open another word or notepad file. If the section will just be pasted on another part of the same document file, then place the cursor onto that part. Once the blinking vertical line which is the cursor is properly placed, then hit the keyboard keys Ctrl and V simultaneously to paste the previously copied part of the document.

The keyboard commands Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V do not only work on text in word processor applications such as the Word and Notepad. Even the spreadsheet application Excel is capable of carrying out these keyboard commands. And not only can you use these commands to copy and paste text data, but image files as well.


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