How To Copy Data from One Hard Drive to Another

Like transferring files from one folder to another, copying and transferring data from one hard drive to another can be done virtually the same way. Using Windows as your computer’s operating system will provide you a couple of ways to transfer the contents of one hard drive and moving it to another hard drive. Aside from Windows, there are various data copying utilities that can automate the job for you. These utilities can either be freeware or shareware and are suited to copy drives with large content. Either way, copying data from one drive and transferring it to another is easy and fool proof.

Open the hard drives. The first step in copying data from a particular hard drive is by locating and opening them on your computer. Click on “Start” to open up the start menu and click on “My Computer” to open up the list of hard drives available. Click on the source drive to open it up. If the particular data is located inside a folder on the drive, click on the folder to open it up. Now, open up the start menu again and click on “My Computer” again to open up another window. Click the destination hard drive to open it up. If there is a particular folder that you want the data to be transferred to, click on it to open it. Make sure to fit both the windows of the source and destination drives in a way where you can see both of them at the same time on the screen.

Drag and drop. To start the transferring of data, highlight the files and folders that you want to copy by click on it once. To highlight multiple files, press and hold the “CTRL” key while clicking on each file. Once you have highlighted all the files you want to transfer, click and hold the left mouse button on the files and drag it to the other window where you destination hard drive is located. Release the mouse when you have directed the mouse cursor on the destination drive. The transfer will start when a progress bar is displayed and will be completed when all the files dragged on the destination drive appears. If the total size of the data is large, it may take a few minutes to complete the transfer.

Copy and paste. If you do not fancy the drag and drop, you may use the copy and paste feature to initiate the transfer between drives as well. Highlight the files by right-clicking on it and selecting “copy”. Move the cursor to the destination drive and right-click on it. Select “paste” from the menu to initiate the transfer. A progress bar will appear. Wait for it to complete before you exit.

Software for backing up data. Another way to transfer files from one drive to another is by using free and commercial software that automates the transfer. These applications are suited for automated and large data transfers across hard drives in your computer or network. Log on to to search for available software for this task. Download and test the software out. Even commercial utilities will offer free trials of their products.

Backing up data and files regularly is important to ensure that they are safely stored in cases of hardware malfunction and breakdown. Use the user-friendly file transfer features on Windows or use a third-party utility to do this.


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