How To Copy Music onto your USB Flash Drive

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Music has been portable since the invention of Walkman. But today, music can be as portable as carrying a keychain device called USB flash drive. Universal Serial Bus (USB) flash drive, also known as USB stick, is an easy and very portable way to carry files—and yes, even music files.

With USB stick, you can open your music files using any computer or device capable of reading it. Sharing and playing music will be no problem as long as a device will be handy. But before you can enjoy that, you have to copy music files to your USB flash drive first. Doing this is pretty easy that you don’t have to be genius. Just follow the steps below:

Insert the USB stick into a USB port. This should not be a problem because almost all computers today have USB ports. Check the storage device first before you insert it into the port. Some USB sticks have read-write protection. Make sure that the notch is pointed to a part that allows reading and writing to the device.

Wait for the computer to read the USB flash drive. Most computers will automatically pop-up a window asking the user on what to do with the detected storage device. If that’s the case, then choose to do nothing. A balloon might also appear from the System Tray. This notifies the user that a hardware is detected.

Scan the USB stick for any virus.
One of the biggest drawbacks of using USB flash drives is that they can easily spread malware threats. Better be sure by scanning the device first before opening it. Most malwares get activated by simply opening the infected device. Proceed to the next step only if the device is free of any malware threats.

Open the USB flash drive or explore it. Exploring the device is safer for your computer. To do this, right click on the flash drive’s icon and choose “Explore.” If you want to open the device, you can choose “Open” after right clicking on the icon. Double clicking the icon will open the drive, too.

Copy files.
Locate the music files you want to copy on the USB flash drive. By default, music files in Windows computers are stored in C:\Documents and Settings\admin\My Documents\My Music.

Select the music files you want to be copied by holding down on the CTRL key and clicking on the selected files. Right click on one of the selected files and choose “Copy.” You may press CTRL+C also after selecting the music files.

On the USB flash drive’s window, right click on a blank space and choose “Paste.” As an alternative, you can press CTRL+V.

The music files will be more organized if you copy them in a separate folder. Do this especially if your USB flash drive has a lot of scattered files. This way, you can easily locate the music files.

Remove the USB flash drive. Do not just pull out the USB stick because that might cause loss of data and errors. To remove it safely, close the window of the drive first and then, look for its icon on the system tray. It looks like a green arrow. Right click on that and choose “Safely Remove Hardware.” A window will appear and from there, select your device. Click on “Stop” and then “OK.” You know that the device is safe to be pulled out if it’s not lighting up anymore.

The steps above are not only for copying music. Follow these, too, when copying any files to any removable storage device.


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