How To Create a Blogskin

If you are familiar with blogs the first thing that you will notice is the banner and how the other elements are arranged. This is called a blogskin. When you are signed up to a blog site, the provider will give you access to some blogskins where you can change some of the colors of the banners and use other font types to make your page a little different from the thousands of blog pages from different users signed up to the blog site. It can make some difference but for your blog page to really stand out and compete for attention from the millions of blog readers, you have to give your blog page an outstanding look with a different blogskin. You may find that some blog sites have really beautiful blogskins that make you wish you can make one for your own blog. It can be done with some effort and knowledge of how to make a web template. Here are some ideas on how to create a blogskin.

  • Learn the universal website language – html. You need this to code the script that will enable you to create your blogskin and put it accurately in the right place in your blog page. You also need to understand how to do CSS or cascading style sheets where all the elements of the blogskin template will be included such as colors, dimension, position, font style, text and image or several images.
  • Take a look at how some of the blogskins are made and uploaded. You can visit a blog site and click on the View tool from the main menu on top. From the View Tool, click on Page Source. This will open an window with a series of html codes. You can see how the html code was written and the elements that were included in the cascading style sheet.
  • The actual image used in a blogskin is created by using an image editor such as Photoshop. You can source out free images from the web and combine them with other elements to create a striking image. Most of these images are saved as a jpeg file. If you know how to use Photoshop or any other image editing software, then half of your work is done.
  • You can also search and find websites that offer free blogskins. These are ready made images that you can use in your blog page, giving due credit to the creator of the blogskin. Choose one that best expresses what your blog site is all about.  Blogskins are saved as .txt files, like the files that you create using Notepad or WordPad.
  • Find someone who knows how to write html script and is familiar with cascading style sheets. Ask if the person can write the code for you and upload your chosen blogskin. You have to save your images and other elements you will use in your blog in a folder where they can be easily accessed. Make sure that you do not move these files to another location in your computer or server or your blogskin will not appear as you want it to.

It is better to have a blogskin created for you than copy someone else’s unless the owner gives you express permission to do so. But when you think about it, why would you want to use the same blogskin when you actually want to standout from the rest?


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