How To Create a Budget with Apple Numbers '09

Creating a budget to balance income and current expenses can prove to be a headache to many. Most people find it almost impossible to make ends meet due to the current state of the economy and the ever-increasing cost of commodities and utility charges. With a budget-creating software, you can easily see where your monthly income goes, allow you to eliminate some miscellaneous expenses and show you areas where you can save. One program that is very intuitive that can be used by Mac users is Numbers ’09.

Numbers ’09 is a component of iWork ’09 that will allow users to create spreadsheets. It works similarly to how Microsoft Excel works. With this program you will be able to create a budget easily with a few steps. Numbers ’09 is a very much improved version from Numbers ’08 from the colors, the functions and the formulas. There are several templates to choose from and work with when you want to create a budget using Apple Numbers ’09. Numbers ’09 will help your maintain and keep a record of your monthly budget easily with its intuitive functions.

Here are the steps:

  • To minimize going to through several sheets of paper, write down your income or incomes, and the list of your expenses. You can categorize these into household expenses, job-related expenses, education, travel and so on and further break these down into sub-categories. It is your choice how detailed you want to be when creating your budget.
  • Open iWork ’09 and click on the icon for Numbers ’09. You can find it in the Dock or within the iWork ’09 folder.
  • In the Numbers’ 09 window click the Numbers Template Chooser to open up a window and from there select the Personal Finance option from the menu.
  • Choose a budget template from the selection and click the Choose button. Use the template to enter your monthly income after taxes or net income. This will be your working budget. There are also columns for additional income such as bonuses. Include all the net incomes that you receive on a monthly basis.
  • Find the button for the monthly expenses. This is where you will enter all the expenses that you incur monthly. You have the option to add as many rows as you want below the first row by using the drop down menu. Follow the list of expenses that you have written down initially so that you will not forget anything. It will help you greatly in planning your monthly budget if you are as thorough as possible when you create your first one.
  • Include your planned and future expenses in the Planned Expenses tab. This will effectively show how much you will need to reserve for special and holiday expenses. Numbers ’09 will automatically calculate your budget for you once you have entered all your expenses on a monthly basis.

Make sure that you record all your income and expenses as accurately as possible to come up with a realistic budget. As you know, whatever you input will be the data that will be used by the program to calculate your budget. Give estimates for those expenses that you cannot recall or have no record of.

One way to keep your record keeping accurate is to keep all your receipts and regularly update your budget sheet, maybe on a daily or a weekly basis, as long as you are able to maintain an accurate recording of your expenses.


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