How To Create a Chart in PowerPoint

Creating a chart in PowerPoint can be easily done even by a novice computer user. This function in the Microsoft productivity tool is definitely very useful, especially for those who typically create pie charts and graphs for office or school presentations.

  1. Access Microsoft PowerPoint first and foremost. Go to the Start button and click on it once for a pull up menu list to appear. Direct your mouse to the option All Programs and another cascading menu pops up. Locate Microsoft PowerPoint from among the many items and click on it.
  2. Access the slide of choice in PowerPoint. Direct your mouse to the left hand panel of the Microsoft PowerPoint window and click on the Slides tab found right beside the Outline tab. Select the slide by clicking on its corresponding rectangular box. Once the slide is selected, point your mouse cursor to the Insert tab and click on it for a list to appear. Click on the option Chart for a sample chart and Presentation Datasheet window to appear.
  3. Start making a chart. All of the values entered in the Presentation Datasheet are just samples. To start making your own chart, then you will need to enter your own data into the Presentation Datasheet. To enter data in specific rows or columns, direct your mouse pointer to the column or row of choice and click on the mouse for the cursor to settle. Now, you can key in the collected data in their respective columns or rows. Once done, just close the Presentation Datasheet window and you will see that the 3D chart will interpret and render the newly entered values.
  4. Input necessary titles on your chart. It is necessary to input titles on your chart to finish off. To do this, direct your mouse pointer to the chart for a dropdown menu list to pop up. Click on Chart Options for a window of the same title to be revealed. Key in the name of the chart in the empty text field underneath the Chart title: option. Furthermore, type in the titles for the X and Y axes. Once done, just click on OK for the titles to be saved and applied to your chart.

Now, all that you need to do is to save the recently created chart in Microsoft PowerPoint. To do this, go to the File tab and click on it once. A list pops up, after which you will need to click on the item Save. You will need to select the save location under the Save in: section. Also, you will need to type in your choice of file name into the supplied text box. Once all of these are set, then you can click on the Save button for your chart to be saved and stored accordingly.


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