How To Create a Construction Invoice Using Microsoft Excel

Using Microsoft excel

If you do not have an official invoice for your construction business, you can make use of Microsoft Excel in creating and issuing invoices. Microsoft Excel provides you with professional-looking invoice templates and automatically makes accurate calculations when you put the variables in the cells and columns. Unlike ordinary Excel sheets, an invoice template is easier to use and more presentable. Here’s how you can create an invoice for your construction business using Microsoft Excel.

Open Microsoft Excel. Begin creating an invoice by accessing Microsoft Excel. A blank spreadsheet will then appear. If you are using Microsoft Excel 2007, you can go to File menu located at the top portion of your screen. On the drop-down menu, choose New. Then, look for an invoice template to work on. If you are using Microsoft Excel 2003, proceed to the next step.

Download an invoice template. Microsoft Excel 2003 does not come with invoice templates, so you have to download a template from Microsoft Office Online. Do this by going to the Help menu. On the drop-down menu, choose Microsoft Excel Help. You can also press F1 for a short-cut access to the Excel Help. The Excel Help search box will then appear on the left corner of your screen. On the search box, type “invoice templates.” Excel Help will automatically connect to Microsoft Office Online and will list invoice templates. There are around 30 templates you can choose from. To have a preview, click the templates. Then, begin downloading the template you think is best to use.

Tailor your chosen template according to your needs. Microsoft Excel allows you to customize the template. You can put your company name, slogan, and logo on the assigned areas. Once done, begin filling in the invoice template with billing information. Put your business address, contact details, date, invoice number, payment terms, and due date. The customer’s name, address, and number should also be included. Then, put the purchased product and service, the quantity of product, description, and price on the given fields. As you put the purchase details, Excel will automatically compute the subtotal and total.

Print the invoice. Carefully review the invoice and see if you have put in the right information. When you have already verified the accurateness of the invoice, print it on high quality paper. Take note that some invoice templates are colored, so you may need to choose papers that can go well with the colored templates.

When you use an invoice template, make sure to stick to it. Don’t issue invoices using different templates, as this will confuse your customers and will reflect badly on your construction business. Therefore, when choosing a template, go for the one that can best represent your business and is easy to manipulate. You should save this template in your computer complete with your company name, slogan, logo, and contact details. This way, you do not have to copy-paste the company details every time you are making an invoice.


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