How To Create a Digital Handwritten Signature for Free

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Since everything is going digital, including the use of digital documents as an alternative to paper documents, having a digital signature saved on your computer can legitimize any document you send to another person that requires your own signature. There are actually two ways to create your digital handwritten signature both of which will not require you to fork over a few bucks in the process.

  • Scan it. The best way to create your digital handwritten signature is to simply get a piece of paper and use a pen to write your signature. You will want your signature to be clear and properly sized since you will be converting it into a digital signature shortly. Use a black pen to ink your signature on the paper. Now, once that is done, you will need a scanner to scan the signature and save it as a picture. Insert the paper into the flat bed of the scanner and proceed with the process of scanning it. At this point, it is critical that you save the scanned signature as a picture as opposed to a document so that you will be able to insert and size the image on a document you wish to digitally sign. Make sure to keep a digital copy of your signature backed up so that you will never have to repeat this process again.
  • Use Paint.NET. If you don't have a scanner you can do the next best thing which is to an image editing software like Paint.NET, which is totally free, to create your signature digitally. Now bear in mind that the signature you create here will probably not match your real handwritten signature but it will at least look similar to it. Download and install the software into your computer. You can download a copy of the software at
  • Create your signature. As soon as the installation of the software is complete, run it. When it loads, open a new document and select the icon "T" at the left sidebar. This will allow you to start typing text onto the page. Proceed to typing your name. Once your name is on the document, highlight it and pick a font that you can use that is similar to your original signature. Basically, you want the font to be scripted. Adjust the font and the size of the signature before finalizing it. Save the document as picture. A .jpeg extension will do.
  • Write your personal signature on the computer. If you cannot find the right font to make your digital signature appear like your original signature, then consider purchasing and using a digital pen. This device is similar to an actual pen but works with a digital pad that connects to your computer via USB. Once the pen touches the pad, it will recreate the movement onto the image editing software. This type of pen will work with Paint.NET and other editing software such as Adobe Photoshop and the like. Basically, all you have to do is write your signature the way you do it on actual paper but using the digital pen and pad. The signature will then appear on the Paint.NET document and then you can save it as a picture file.

These are the simplest ways on how to create your digital handwritten signature for free however; the last one would require you to get a digital pen device if you really want to add that personal touch on the signature. Once you have a digital signature saved on your computer, you can easily insert this file into any word processing document if necessary thus, allowing you to put your personal stamp on a digital document.


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