How To Create a DSL Connection

DSL connects you to the Internet by making use of phone lines without interfering with your voice calls. In other words, you can browse the Internet through DSL connection while leaving your phone open for calls. Unlike other modems, DSL is a high-speed Internet connection—better than most modems. If you want to use DSL for your Internet browsing, here’s how you can make a DSL connection.

Find a good Internet service provider (ISP). Although DSL connection is generally faster, your choice of ISP can also affect the speed of your Internet connection. Therefore, it is highly important to find an ISP that offers you the fastest connection at a good price. Your ISP will provide you with the DSL modem and help you install the ISP connection in your computer system

Have your phone ready. Very important for the DSL connection is your phone line. Therefore, make sure that you have a ready phone line before you subscribe to a DSL service.

Connect the DSL modem to the computer. As soon as it arrives, connect the DSL modem to your computer using an Ethernet cable. Connect the modem to the wall jack using a phone cord.

Activate the DSL Internet connection. First, go to Control Panel. Choose Internet Options, and then click on the Connections tab. Click on Setup. The New Connection Wizard will then appear. Click on the Next button. The Wizard will ask you to choose a network connection type. Choose “Connect to the Internet.” Then, click on the Next button. After this, choose “Set up my connection manually.” Click on Next. Select “Connect using a broadband connection that is always on.” If, however, you have a username and password, choose “Connect using a broadband connection that requires a username and password.” Then, click on the Finish button. If your ISP provided you with a CD, you should use this to setup your DSL Internet connection. Instead of setting up your connection manually, choose “Use the CD I got from an ISP.” Follow the instructions.

Try the DSL Internet connection. After activating your DSL modem, try browsing the Internet. If successfully set up, your DSL connection should make Internet browsing easy and fast. If, however, you can’t connect to the Internet, repeat the setup process. You can also contact your ISP for assistance.

If you have a small home office and use two or more computers, a router is necessary to make all computers connected to the Internet at any one time. There are modem devices that have built-in router; others don’t, so you have to buy a separate router. In any case, you can connect the router easily. If you have a modem-router device, attach the phone cord to the WAN port of the device; the other end should be connected to the wall jack. Then, attach the Ethernet cable on both the LAN ports of the computer and the device. If you have a separate router, you can just attach the Ethernet cable to the LAN ports of the router and the computer. Because setting up usually varies from modems to modems, you may want to check the owner’s manual for specific instructions.


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