How To Create a Fashion Magazine Page in Adobe Photoshop 7

Have you ever wondered how those pages in the fashion magazines are made? Yes, photos make up a large part of it but what most people don't know is that most of it is edited in order for these pages to look perfect. Fashion editors might have used good publishing software such as Adobe Photoshop. If you are keen on knowing how they do it, then here are some steps you can follow.

  • Get started. Before you start your fashion page, think about your concept. What do you plan to put on the page that you would want your readers to see and eventually buy in the stores? Consider the time of the year. If it's June, maybe a bridal concept will be appropriate and if it's the holidays, then gift suggestions or fashion trends will be interesting.
  • Gather the materials. Research photos and articles that you would want to include in the fashion page and download them. Make sure that they are either in picture extensions like .jpeg, .bmp, or .png. For the articles, make sure the files are in PDF or Word format. Ensure that your photos are of high resolution. Edit photos before saving on file. Crop and resize if needed before saving it in your file folder.
  • Create the page. In Adobe Photoshop 7, open a new file by clicking the "File" button at the upper left of the screen and choosing the "New" field. A box will appear with options that you need to fill in. Write the Name of your page on the name slot. Preset the size that you want for your fashion page in inches and not in pixels. Choose your background, if you want it white or choose the background option if you want your background to have a totally different color. You can use the paint bucket tool or set it by using the foreground and background color boxes.
  • Insert the images. Once you have created a page, click on the "File" button and click the "Place" field. Your file box will appear. Click the photo you want to place on your fashion page then click the "Place" button on the lower right portion of the file box. Your photo will now appear on the blank fashion page you have created previously.
  • Edit the images. When the photo appears on your fashion page canvas, there will be an x mark on top of it. Adjust the photo to your desired size. You can also rotate the photo when the bended arrow appears outside of the photo as you browse. Move the photo by clicking on it and hold it while moving it to your desired place. When you have placed your photo on the desired area of your fashion page, right click on your mouse and choose the "place" field. Do the same with your other materials until you are done with your desired design. It is up to your creativity and imagination on how you will design your fashion page. As soon as photos have been placed and the page design is finished, place your text or captions.
  • Insert the text. On your fashion page, use the horizontal or vertical type tool to put your text or caption on the page. This looks like a capital letter T on your bar. Click it if you want to use the vertical type tool. Set your desired font family and style, font size, color and the anti-aliasing method found at the top bar of the screen. When done with your text, save your page in jpeg format or in whatever format is needed prior to publishing.
  • Print it. Print your page. This will give you an overview on how your page will look like.

Creating a fashion magazine page is easy given the steps above using Adobe Photoshop 7. Practice using this method and develop your skill around Adobe Photoshop in order to enable you to start out your own fashion magazine someday. Well, that is if you are into it.


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