How To Create a Free Website with uCoz

The online web is home to an abundance of personal websites. A key advantage of personal site maintenance is having full access to site preferences, settings and content. However, majority of online users cite billing inconveniences as a hindrance from opening personal site accounts. Despite the attempts of several web-hosting servers to provide users with free website accounts, disadvantages in programming and technical services still continue to persist. Unlike its competitors, uCoz is an easy to use and reputable web hosting service that allows users to create and manage their own websites free of charge.  Follow these steps to create your own uCoz website:

  • Open your browser to uCoz and register.  Begin your website’s creation by visiting the uCoz website.  To register, simply click on ‘Create a Website’ or ‘Register’ from the site’s menu.
  • Fill out the user registration. Enter your account information into their respective fields. You must use a valid e-mail address to confirm your uCoz registration. Before accepting, is recommended to go through uCoz’s Terms of Use before submitting your user registration. Once all fields have been recognized, select ‘Registration’.
  • Login to control panel. Now that you have successfully completed your registration, access your account by entering your account information such as login, password and code. You can retrieve forgotten user details by accessing your validation E-mail. Click ‘Login’ to continue.
  • Choose your website’s design. Select your website’s design from ucOZ’s premade themes or customize your own. Because you are given freehand in the maintenance and management of your website, you can always readjust and tweak your design settings whenever you like.  Once you have decided on a design theme, click on ‘Continue’.
  • Choose your website’s modifications and interface. From the list provided (Forum, Site News, Blog, Publisher, File Catalog, Site Catalog, Tag Board, Ad Board, Photo Albums, Web Polls, Guestbook, FAQ Service, E-mail Forms, Page Editor and Statistics), select the appropriate module/s for your website. Take note of the brief descriptions written beneath each option. Since you are given free reign, you are allowed to choose the number of modules for your website.  Click on ‘Continue’ to proceed.
  • View your website. You have now completed the registration and design process of your website. If you wish to make changes to your site, simply access ‘Control Panel’ to edit and modify settings.

Congratulations on the creation of your website! Feel free to browse through uCoz’s features and settings. Familiarizing yourself with its programming system will give you better results in managing your website. The key to maintaining a functional and free of charge website is to find a reliable and efficient web hosting service such as uCoz.


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