How To Create a List Box in Adobe Acrobat

In every questionnaire or form, questions that require multiple items to be displayed as possible answers are natural occurrences. When creating a new questionnaire, you will want to use a list box to display multiple options available for every question. The list box is very effective for this use. By Using Adobe Acrobat Professional 8, you can create a questionnaire or form and use the list box feature to create and display a list of items as options for every question that you deem necessary.

Load the questionnaire with Adobe Acrobat. The first step in adding the ever important list box to your existing questionnaire is to load it up with Adobe Acrobat Professional 8. Locate the file on your computer. Double-click the file and it should open automatically along with Adobe Acrobat. If you don’t have an existing file ready, you can start a new questionnaire by opening Adobe Acrobat to create the new document.

Create the list box. Once you have opened the file and are currently using Adobe Acrobat, point the mouse cursor on the “Forms” menu at the top of the page. Clicking this will open up a sub menu. On the sub menu, click on the 4th option listed. This 4th option will be named “list box tool”. This will create a new list box for you. As soon as you click the “list box tool”, you will be prompted to choose an area in the PDF document where you want the new list box to be located. Click on the area where you want the list box to appear.

Edit the list box properties. Once your new list box is set, there will be options available for you to edit certain aspects of the list box to enable it to become much more appealing and efficient. Click on the “list box properties” to display the 3 tabs you can access to customize your list box.

  • General tab. The first tab that you can access to edit the general settings of your list box is the “General” tab. In this window, you will be prompted to enter the name of the list box. A blank field will be available for you to enter the name of the list box.
  • Appearance tab. In the “appearance” tab, you can customize the look of the list box in terms of borders, shades, and color. Navigate to the “Borders and Colors” section and various options will be available for you. Create a border for your list box. You can add color to the border or background of the list box. Changing the text size, font, and color can be done here as well.
  • Options tab. In this section, you can list down and name the different options you want to be displayed on the list box. Fill in the name of the item and the value for it should the item be selected by the user. The value will be exported to a spreadsheet for you to evaluate the data as a whole. Make sure that you assign different values for each option you add in the list. You may add multiple items in the list by filling in the details of each item and clicking “add”.

Once you are done editing your list box, click the “Close” button and the settings you changed will be saved automatically. Save the file and exit Adobe Acrobat when you are finished. Remember to repeat the same process if you want to add additional list boxes later on.


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