How To Create a Mirrored Image in Excel

Microsoft Excel is the spreadsheet program that belongs to the Microsoft Office suite of productivity software.  It has advanced spreadsheet functions, as well as extra features and functions that are not necessarily spreadsheet-related.  One such feature is the photo or image editing function, which gives Excel users the ability to perform basic image editing operations.  In this article, you will learn how to create a mirrored image in Microsoft Excel.

A mirrored image is very simply a duplicate copy of an original image.  To mirror the original image, you will need to flip the duplicate copy either horizontally or vertically.  First, you must prepare your original image.  It can be an image that you created using another software.  It can be clipart that you downloaded from the Web.  It can be something as simple as a letter logo, or as intricate as a hand drawing scanned using your flatbed scanner.  Make sure that you have already inserted this image into your spreadsheet file.  Then, follow the steps below to create a mirror of the original image.

  1. Click on the image. The image will be highlighted.  You will see “anchors” (usually small boxes) at the borders and corners of the image.  At this point, you can drag a side or a corner of the image to adjust its width or height according to your desire.  You need to highlight or select the image first, or else you will not be able to achieve anything in the next steps.
  2. Right-click on the image. This will open a pop-up menu.  From this menu, select Copy.  Or, alternatively, you can click Edit on the menu bar, then select Copy. Another method is to press Ctrl+C (the shortcut key for copying).
  3. Paste the duplicate image.  To do this, click on the cell where you want the duplicate image to be pasted.  Then, right-click on that cell and select Paste from the pop-up menu.  Or, you can click Edit from the menu bar, then select Paste.  Or, you can use the shortcut key for pasting: Ctrl+V.  You will now have two images that look exactly the same.
  4. Open the Drawing toolbar.  Click on View from the menu bar, then select Drawing.  If the check mark beside Drawing in the View menu is there, the toolbar is already open.  The toolbar is usually located at the top or bottom of the window.  Sometimes, it can appear as a floating toolbar with icons.
  5. Select your duplicate image.  You can do this by clicking on the image.  The “anchors” will appear and will indicate that the image is highlighted.
  6. Click on the Draw icon on the Drawing toolbar. This icon looks like a white arrow slanting to the left.  A small popup window will appear beside it.  Click on “Rotate or Flip.” Then, from the submenu, choose either Flip Horizontal or Flip Vertical.

Mirroring an image inserted into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is easy because of the built-in imaging function.  A similar procedure can be used to create mirrored images in other programs in Microsoft Office, as well, such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint.


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