How To Create a New Gmail ID

Google is considered the dominant force on the Internet.  Almost everything in search engine optimization is based on Google algorithms due to the fact that most people use it to search for everything and anything on the Internet.  This is the reason why it has toppled its predecessor, Yahoo, with great ease.  Well, Internet searching is not the only service they provide.  Like Yahoo, they also provide a free web-based email system called Gmail.  In fact, this email service is considered to be the best web-based email system out there exceeding the features that the earlier Yahoo mail provides. 

Gmail is easier to use and display.  It comes with fantastic intuitive features to help you manage your emails better than any other competitor and it provides users with tons of email storage, more than 5 GB of storage to be accurate.  These being said, if you are looking to open a web-based email account, then Gmail should be at the top of your list.  Creating a free account is easy and should not take you more than 5 minutes to accomplish.

  • Visit Gmail.  In order to create your free email account on Gmail, you will want to open your browser and visit  Bear in mind that this site is quite quick when it comes to loading compared to Yahoo mail simply because it does not any of those fancy graphics and images on it.  Hence, you can load it effortlessly even if your Internet connection is way below standards when it comes to Internet speed and bandwidth.
  • Create your account.  To begin the process of creating your free Gmail account, simply point your mouse on the “Create Account” link and click on it.  This will redirect you to the account creation page.  At this point, the process will require you to fill up the information needed to create your account starting with your first and last name.  After filling up the name fields, you will be asked to enter your preferred user name or Gmail user ID.  Fill it up and hit “check availability” to see if the user ID you want is available.  Now, you might have to be a little bit creative when picking your Gmail ID since you are competing with millions of other users and most of the names you may think of may have already been taken.  This being said, you might have to add certain numbers or characters to the user ID just to find one that is available.  Don’t worry; Gmail is so intuitive that it will recommend available Gmail IDs you can use relevant to your original choice.  In any case, choose your Gmail ID followed by a password to secure your account login.  You will be asked to enter other security details to help you later on should you forget your password.  This will be in the form of a security question that Gmail will ask you and the answer to it.    
  • Complete the process.  At the bottom of the account creation form, you will have to enter a verification or captcha code that will prove that you are a valid person and not a mere automated machine creating the account.  To complete the final stage of account creation, you have to accept the terms and conditions of the account by clicking the “I accept, create my account” icon.

Once you account has been created, go back to and login.  As you enter, there will be an email sent to you by your new friends at Gmail welcoming you as a new email user.  There will be a link on that email that you will want to click on to confirm that the account has been created and is not activated.


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