How To Create a Newsletter Using Microsoft Works

One of the best ways to keep in touch and communicate with people, whether socially or professionally is by creating and sending regular newsletters. Creating a newsletter is easy and efficient if you use a desktop publishing application like Microsoft Works. This application offers you a user-friendly way to organize your thoughts and place it all in one document. It offers a wide array of newsletter templates to choose from and options to customize it to your theme. Microsoft Works is a desktop publishing suite that is separate from the famed Microsoft Office suit. In essence, Microsoft Works uses the same engine as Microsoft Word. So if you are already familiar with Word, Works should be easy.

Install and open Microsoft Works. Once you purchase your copy of Microsoft Works, insert the installation CD into your CD ROM and initialize the installation process. Follow the instructions until installation is completed. It should only take a few minutes. As soon as it is installed, click on the Microsoft Works Task Launcher by navigating through the “Start” menu and “Programs”. This will open the window where you can start your new project.

Choose a template. Once Microsoft Works opens up, a new window will be displaced. On the top of the window, there are options to choose from. Since you will want to open up a new project using some of the integrated templates in the application, click on the “Templates” icon on the top menu. This will bring up a selection of different templates for your new project. Locate the search bar at the top right of the main window and type “newsletter” and hit “Enter” on your keyboard. This will search the application and display any templates available for newsletters. Once all the newsletter templates found is displayed on the main window click on each template to see a preview of it on the right side. Below the preview of each template will be a button labeled as “Use this style”. As soon as you have decided on the template for your newsletter project, click the “Use this style” button to initiate a new document with the template already incorporated.

Create and edit your newsletter. When the newsletter template appears as the new document, you are now ready to edit and customize the template to create your newsletter. To add new text, just double-click on any existing text template to replace it with the new one. Type it in the field and press enter. If you have articles previously save on Microsoft Word, open it up and copy and paste it in the desired text box. Make sure to adjust the text boxes as you see fit. You may have to edit the size and font of your text to achieve the desired size of the text box as well. You may add pictures as well by the “Insert picture” function. The template colors and designs may be customized as well by highlighting the images and colors and double-clicking on them to bring up the properties. Change it to a color or shade you desire.

When you are done customizing and adding the information for your newsletter, save it in a Microsoft Word file so that people that do not have Microsoft Works in their computer will be able to view it when you send it to them. You may convert the file into a PDF file as well by going online and looking for free online Word to PDF conversion websites.


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