How To Create a Personal Clothing Database

Creating a wardrobe database is a good way to organize your personal clothes and place them in categories based on season and trends. A clothing database can provide you an efficient way to track your clothes as well. At the same time, you can sort out the clothes that you do not use anymore and sell it or better yet, donate it to people who are in real need of clothing. Organizing your clothes and creating a database can be a lot of fun since you will be trying out some of the clothes you have neglected over the years. It is another way to put together ensembles that may be appropriate to the current fashion as well. For the job at hand, you will need to have a digital camera to capture each piece of clothing digitally and a computer to create the database.

Set aside a day of rummaging. To start the job of cleaning out your closet and placing every piece in your wardrobe in order, you will need to schedule a day or two, depending on the amount of clothing you own, where this is the only thing in mind.

Invite a friend to help you out. Since the rummage and organizing can become a fashion show, ask a friend to help you out. Your friend can give you valuable opinions on ensembles that you plan to wear and categorizing every piece of clothing. At the same time, if your closets are packed to the brim, you will need a hand to get everything in order.

Categorize each piece of clothing. Prepare five piles to serve as categories for your clothing. The five categories will be summer, autumn, spring, winter, and for charity. Each piece of clothing you remove from your closet should be placed on the appropriate pile. Take a picture of each piece of clothing one you have categorized all of them.

Creating ensembles. When you are finished categorizing, start mixing and matching clothing to create the ensembles you plan to wear. This may take some time since you will want to try each ensemble out to see if it fits and will be deemed fashionable. Your friend should be able to help you out here. Take a picture of each ensemble that you approve of.

Transfer the pictures to your computer. Connect the digital camera to the computer and start transferring the pictures to a temporary folder.

Start a database. Create a database using Microsoft Excel. Create columns for the categories winter, summer, spring, and autumn. For each cell under the specific category, insert the picture of the item of clothing. Write the name of the item below or beside the picture as well. Continue with this until you exhaust each picture. For the ensembles database, use another spreadsheet tab and on each cell insert the picture and label for each ensemble. Keep filling up each cell until you finish logging each ensemble. Save the file and exit Microsoft Excel.

Every time that you wake up and wonder what to wear, open up the Excel file and check the ensemble database. If you think you are missing a shirt, consult the database to check what shirt is missing and at what pile you should search in. Now that you have a working database, keeping track of your personal clothing should be easy and efficient.


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