How To Create a PowerPoint Presentation for a Kiosk

When setting up a kiosk for a trade show, one of the easy and simple tools that you need to have around is a PowerPoint presentation which will help get your customers' attention and interest, which will lead to more foot traffic into your kiosk and more chances of getting a sale. Here’s how.

  1. Simplicity. Make sure that you keep your PowerPoint presentation simple. If you are marketing electronic gadgets, for example, you need to ensure that you avoid technical jargon while presenting information about the product. Keep in mind that the lay consumer will not be able to understand these terms, and will only be confused. Avoid using abbreviations as well, since most consumers will not have the background information needed to interpret these.
  2. File size. PowerPoint presentations are usually small files, but if you use a lot of pictures, the file size for the presentation can increase dramatically. This also happens if you create very long PowerPoint presentations. The file size can be a problem especially if you are setting up your kiosk in a trade show that has limited or slow internet connection. To solve this problem, you will need to compress the images that you use in the presentation. The program actually has an option to allow you to compress the images within the application itself, called the “Compress Pictures” option found in the menu. This will save you from the hassle of using other image editing software to compress the photos.
  3. Automation. In some cases, it is best to automate the presentation. You can program the presentation to repeat itself after the slideshow has finished, so that your clients will always have something to watch in your kiosk. Although the slideshow can be programmed to transition from one slide to the other based on your clicks, you can also automate it so that it will shift slides every few seconds. Do this if there is a large crowd in the trade show. For smaller audiences, however, you can control the slideshow yourself and help explain the information presented in the slide show.
  4. Text. Adding text is a great way to explain your images. When adding text, however, be sure to use fonts that are large enough to be easy to read. The fonts should also be kept simple. Arial is a good font for presentations since it is very easy to read. Avoid fancy fonts that can sometimes deter the reader because of the intricate font design that is harsh on the eyes.
  5. Design. Make your presentation more visually appealing by choosing an appropriate design. In Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, themes and designs are readily made. You will only need to select the Design tab on top of the interface and choose the design and the color scheme of your choice.

Finally, let some people view the presentation before actually airing it on the kiosk. Get some feedback and comments on the PowerPoint so that you can streamline and make the presentation more reader friendly. With these steps, you should be able to create an effective presentation for your kiosk.


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