How To Create a Slideshow on Facebook with Your Photos

Facebook does not offer an application for easy creation of slideshows using photos uploaded to it. Despite that, you can still create a slideshow and post it on Facebook. You’ll learn two ways here—using an online slideshow application and using an offline slideshow maker.

Online/Web-based Slideshow Creator and similar websites offer a free and easy way to create slideshows. Click on the link if you will use or go to your desired Web-based slideshow maker. Follow the steps below if you’ll be using Slide. Other slideshow makers online require similar steps, anyway.

  • Add images from Facebook. The first page will give you options from where to get the files. Other social networking sites are on the list like the Bebo, MySpace, Friendster, Flickr, and Tagged. It gives an option to browse files from the computer, too. Choose Facebook as the image source. Hit the “Get my images” and the website will redirect you to Facebook. There, you will sign in to your account. will not keep any login information when you do that.
  • Choose the pictures from your Facebook photo albums. Slide will copy the files from Facebook. Wait until all the photos are copied or uploaded.
  • Customize the slideshow. A new window with “Customize your Design” title will load. From there, you can choose how your Facebook slideshow will look like. There are a lot of options for the Style, Skins, Themes, Music, Background, Effects, Size and Privacy. Select what you want from these options. You will see the effect of your choices by looking at the slideshow’s preview at the top of the Web page. Rearrange the pictures’ order and edit the caption if you wish to. Continue changing your options until you get the most satisfactory slideshow design.
  • Save and add the slideshow to Facebook. Click on the “Save (get code)” button. The code will be shown to you. Copy that in case you want to paste the slideshow on other social networking sites. has an instruction on how to copy and paste the code. Alternatively, you can select Facebook as your option to where the slideshow will be added. Choose Facebook and click on the “Add!” button.

After saving the slideshow, you will be asked to join Joining is free and if you want to edit your slideshow, you should join in.

Offline Slideshow Maker

Using a different software for creating a slideshow is fine. But this option will not really get the photos from Facebook. Instead, you have to get the photos from your computer. The effect will be the same, anyway. Windows MovieMaker and other video editing software can be used for creating slideshows. But there are special slideshow maker applications like DVD Slideshow Builder that specialize in making slideshows.

Although possible, this option is a bit more complicated than using or similar Web-based applications. The process still involves using different pictures, selecting transition style, and other features depending on the program’s capability.

Any of these options will provide similar result—a slideshow. This is a fresh way to show your friends all of the beautiful pictures you have. Take a break from the static way of telling stories through a thousand words. Try to tell stories with a slideshow on Facebook and enjoy the twist.


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