How To Create a Superhero on the Web

Even grown-ups are captivated by superheroes. We all love superheroes and it’s not about a messianic complex. Perhaps, we are still children within our hearts. Nowadays, with the advent of the Internet, we can create our own superhero and make them alive online. In this article, you’ll learn how to create a superhero on the web. Below are steps and guides on how to create your online superhero.

  • Create a name for your superhero. Be creative and playful as you can. Create many names for your superhero as possible because you can use those names someday. You can make the names ordinary or supernatural. If you want ordinary names, then use the names of your friends or family members. You can mix and combine names if you want the name of your superhero to be unique. Like Spiderman and Batman, you can combine names like Guitar Man or Night Man. It’s up to you. There are no limits in creativity.
  • Create the outline for your superhero. Create the real name for your superhero. You can give him a day job. Determine his friends and their roles in the life of your superhero. Think about the possessions of your protagonist, and create a certain hobby that he likes doing. Create a hometown for your superhero, you can make it real like New York City, or make a fictional town like Gotham.
  • Identify the power of your superhero. Determine if your superhero flies, or if has superhuman strength. Identify if has great combat skills, and healing ability. Also, identify where does your superhero gets his power or what makes him strong. Is he a born superhero like Superman or is he like Samson who loses his strength when his hair’s cut short. It’s better if you will base the power of your superhero on your real location. An example is making your hero a Hollywood superhero if you’re living in L.A. If you’re living near a volcano, then you can make it that your superhero gets his power from the volcano or anything of that sort. You must not worry if some people find you weird, just follow your instinct. The important thing is you are satisfied of the superhero that you have created.
  • Your superhero’s storyline. Determine the motto of your superhero. Is he a normal protagonist who saves lives of people who are in danger of crime or tragedy or is he an antihero who lacks determination and identity. It’s up to you. Just ensure that you have an original storyline in case your superhero and your story become famous one day. It’s also a way for you to protect yourself against copyright issues. Don’t forget to create a villain in your story, and create a waterloo for your superhero. The waterloo can be a Kryptonite, a beautiful woman or anything or anyone that will weaken your superhero. This will make your readers more interesting because they will relate to the human side of your protagonist.
  • Have reviews for your superhero. Now, this is the test if people will like the superhero that you have created. Ask your closest friends to comment about your superhero creation before you post it online. Make revisions if needed. Show your latest revision to your friends and ask them again for comments. If you are already satisfied, then create your first strips.
  • Put your superhero online. The first thing you need to have is to buy a domain. You can also use free social networking sites like Facebook or Multiply to post your artwork.

Scan the pages of your artwork and arrange them before posting. People can comment on most websites, so analyze and learn from their comments. Add additional characters and storyline for your superhero so people will continuously visit your site. Make friends with other animators and cartoonist so you can give each other idea.


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