How To Create a System Repair Disk

Windows 7 is the newest version of operating system platform released by Microsoft Corporation. System repair disk is already available in Windows Vista but the feature has been honed and polished in Windows 7, making it user-friendly and easier to perform a system fix.

The system repair disk is a convenient feature that is used to produce a bootable disk that users can use in case the operating system does not start correctly due to a fatal error it encountered. When a fatal error happens, your operating system will no longer load, thus, you will need to use the repair disk to restore your system back to the configuration it had before it crashed. When you insert the repair disk on the CD/DVD-ROM drive, it will load Windows Recovery Environment where the recovery tools and the command prompt are saved. It will help you repair and restore the unbootable Windows system back to an earlier system image. Using the repair disk feature to fix your computer is a much better option than installing a fresh copy of the operating system wherein you will start from scratch, without your installed programs and without your own stored files. Here is how to create a system repair disk.

  1. Navigate to Create a System Repair Disc window. This window creates the repair disk. You can do any of the following to get this window loaded up: 
    • First Way
      • Hit the Windows start button
      • With your mouse, highlight All Programs
      • Highlight Maintenance
      • Hit Create a System Repair disc
    • Second Way
      • Hit the Windows Start button
      • Type recdisc.exe in the text search field and press the enter key on your keyboard to open the Create a System Repair disc window
    • Third Way
      • Navigate to the Control Panel by hitting on the start button, highlighting settings and clicking on Control Panel
      • On the Left windowpane of the Control Panel, hit the link of Create a System Recovery disc
  2. When Create a System Recovery disc window is open, insert a black CD or DVD in your drive and hit the button for Create disc. The repair disc is already created at this point. When the program is finished creating the disk, it will show you a window that informs you how you can use the disk to recover from a serious error, just hit the Close button and then hit the Ok button and the creating of the system repair disk is already complete. Remove the CD or DVD from the drive, put a label on it and keep it in a safe place.

Bear in mind that this utility is only responsible for the startup repair, also referred to as boot repair or backup repair, of your operating system and not the actual backing up of the files and data stored on a user's computer so be very careful not to overwrite any of your personal documents and data.


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