How To Create a Virtual Person with DAZ

Technology has come to a point where creating 3D avatars for personal purposes is already available as a free service through the Internet. Back in the day, 3D modeling was done only in studios and cost thousands of dollars to make. Studios would make money off 3D person modeling when they’re contracted to make either video games or animated movies. But these days with technical expertise having improved over the past few years at an astounding level, 3D person modeling is offered to anyone who has Internet access.

People can use these 3D models to represent themselves as avatars in websites, forums, video games and social networking sites. The best part is that it can be done for free.

One of the companies offering 3D virtual person creation for free is DAZ. And to create a 3D representation of yourself, follow the steps below:

  • Visit DAZ’s site to create an account. Fill in the necessary fields in the account creation form as honestly as possible. Refer below for DAZ’s website.  
  • Part of the confirmation process will have an email sent to you to validate the process, this is often a formality and whatever information you choose to share with DAZ will be kept confidential.
  • After email confirmation, access the DAZ site and download their DAZ Studio. This is the 3D mapping software that lets you create your virtual 3D avatar. The speed and length of time it takes to download the program will depend on your computer and ISP speed.
  • After downloading the program, simply install it into your system and follow the simple, step-by-step commands in the program.
  • Be as creative as you can with your 3D avatar! Remember that this is the face you’ll be showing people online and it should be an accurate reflection of your personality if not your actual looks.
  • Don’t try to purposely mislead people by creating false representations of who you are through the software. The great folks at DAZ were generous enough to share their software and it should go without saying that we shouldn’t abuse it for our personal gain.
  • Since DAZ Studio is freeware, you can play around with it. Experiment with commands and menus as you explore the program and its capabilities. But more importantly, have fun while you learn how to create 3D persons.

Download and experiment with DAZ Studio at Another site that lets you experience and experiment with creating 3D people is It’s a bit girly but the commands are simple enough and you’ll learn quite a bit playing around with the program.

The Internet affords us a good measure of anonymity and privacy when you’re online. At the same time, it provides a great opportunity to meet new people and make friends. Your online avatar is a kind of virtual handshake that you can give people you meet and if they think you are pleasant enough to chat with, your online appearance will be a big help in winning them over.


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