How To Create an Animated Graphic Presentation

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PowerPoint presentations can be dull and boring if they are not well made. There are some templates and pictures available in the program to make your presentations more interesting. You can also use an animated graphic, an animated clipart or animated bullets to be able to catch the attention of your audience. You can use a lot of different free tools and codes that you can download to use as a design for your template.

Here are some tips on how to create an animated graphic presentation:

  1. SmartDraw. SmartDraw is presentation software that you can download from their website for free. This software can be used to create animated graphics and other animated images that you can use to make your presentations more interesting. You can use this program to create graphs and other images to later be added to your PowerPoint document. The graphics can also be used in other Microsoft Office applications, such as Word or Excel. The graphics can also be used in PDF files. This software is ideal for beginners who want to improve their presentations.
  2. Animation Factory. There are lots of graphics on this website to use for presentations. There are cliparts, backgrounds, sound effects, music, templates and other media elements you can use to improve your presentations. You can use these elements in your PowerPoint presentation by downloading the images or files into your computer. Place the animations into your presentation. Note that while creating the presentation, the image will not move. You can see the image move once you play the whole presentation.
  3. GIF Animations. GIF Animations is another free website where you can download lots of animations. The website also has a category for professional animations that you can use for your business presentations. The professional animations have to be purchased before you can use them, but there are over 20,000 animations that you can choose from for free. There are categories on the side panel of the website to make it easier for you to choose the appropriate animations for your presentation.
  4. Best Animations. This website offers thousands of free animated images that you can download. The images are also sorted into different categories so that it is easier for you to find the kind of image you are looking for. Some of the categories on this website are careers, games, holidays, home and office, computers, sports, people and lots more.

The websites that were mentioned are just some of the many websites online that offer free animated jpegs and gifs. You can create the animated presentations by downloading the animated items into your computer and adding them to your presentation template. There are also other uses for these animated images. These animated images can be used as e-mail animations or animations for your MySpace page. They are great additions that will make your presentation more interesting, or it can also make your web page stand out from the rest.


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