How To Create an Electronic Signature

Creating electronic signature

The best source of information in the world today is the Internet. The phenomenon of the World Wide Web is growing exponentially because of the advancements in technology. And just like the butterfly effect, the faster the web is growing, the more and more people get access to it, the better and farther your reach becomes when it comes to advertising and related things. One of the surefire ways to have your site checked by and linked to as many things as possible is to use an electronic signature. But what exactly does this do?  For starters, an electronic signature, unlike a handwritten legal signature, is only used for e-files. It is created to serve as links and back links to your website.

You wouldn't have any problems creating and signing a document in the usual style. That is, with a stylized handwriting representing your name. But how do you capture your signature to create a digital or electronic one?  For one, you can hire the service of some companies that cater to this purpose alone. An electronic signature is made by encrypting a code to identify the signatory. The signature validates any change in the document. For example, after the stamp of your signature is put in the file or document and your recipient tries to change something in the document, his efforts will go unrewarded. Not unless you agree to allow his changes and do another signature capture.

But do not think that electronic signatures are limited to this approach. Biometric scanners of the retina and the thumb, or any finger for that matter, are considered a digital certificate or an electronic signature. Offices and companies use a device, usually a scanner, and a computer system to keep records of security certificates for their employees. Some licensing offices make use of a signature pad to sign. And the handwritten signature is transferred to a license or a card. Countries consider these forms of certifications part of their practices, policy, etc. and thus are covered under electronic law. This was done due to the high demand for electronic documentation that needed protection under legislature.

So, how do you create an e-signature?  For simple applications or web sites, you can make an e-signature in software for graphics like Photoshop. Be creative when making your signature. This could make it interesting for the people who will click on the backlink or on your signature. It would be best to save your file in a .psd format, because this accepts layering. After doing this, optimize your file for the web. Once you have this optimized, save a copy of the file in a .jpg format. Then you can attach your electronic signature to your emails.

You have to note, though, that digital signatures are more secure than electronic signatures. That is, if you are after security, then this is one piece of information that you have to be aware of. For all intents, for the layman or the advertising guru, even the company that needs an appreciable amount of security, an electronic signature will do.


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