How To Create an Email Signature in Word

The calling card is an important piece or accessory for anyone who wants to be known or reached by people and by his peers. Back then, one must go around in various and whatever functions, locations, meetings, or congregations to send out their business cards and make connections. But the Internet has change how one is known nowadays. What was just a simple handing of business card in one place can now be done with people across continent.

It is all thanks to emailing through the Internet. E-mails can now include email signature, which is a text box in the bottom of every message. This text box contains information about you, how to reach you, where to reach you and where you work. Here are some tips on how to create an email signature in Microsoft Word.

  • Before you sign anything. Before you go on your way and make an email signature, there are some things you must have to be able to do this project properly. First, have Microsoft Word installed. Make sure that you use the authentic software. Then, check if you have Microsoft Outlook installed as well. Again use the original version. Lastly, have a good Internet connection. A good Internet connection will send all your details properly. It will also save you the hassle of waiting for your email with your email signature to be sent. With this little pre-work out of the way, you can now start working on your email signature.
  • The word on Word. With the pre-work out of the way, you can now go to Microsoft Word for your email signature. Toggle your Microsoft Word from your desktop by double-clicking the Microsoft Word icon. You can also open the program through the start menu option. When Microsoft Word is open, toggle options. Then look for email options. Here you will find the email signature tab.
  • Sign here now. Look for the box that asks you to enter the title of your email signature. Now, enter your name here as well as the other information that will help people reach you better and faster. On top of your name and contact information you can add a little spice to your email signature. You can put a picture in your email signature. Choose a picture that best represents your business or you. Putting a picture of anything unrelated might bring smiles but might not convey you or your business the right way. Try to mix and match fonts as well as text colors. Always keep in mind that this is an online business card and should, most of the time, appear professional.
  • Add it. When you are done tinkering with your email signature, it is time to put it online. After inputting all of your particulars and picture look for the add option on the screen. Click it to end the inputting phase of this project.
  • Check your signature. When you have clicked add it is time for you to go to the Microsoft Outlook to check if your email signature works. Simply open a new email message. If your email signature is there, it means you have done a good job.

Now you are ready to let the world know you. Gather the contacts and email them with your email signature.


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