How To Create an Intro in iMovie

Out on the market since 1999, the Apple Company’s iMovie is a video editing program that lets Mac and iPhone 4 users edit and customize their full length movies in the most practical terms. iMovie supports friendly features such as importing video clips to Mac with the help of FireWire in almost all MiniDV formats, USB flash disc ports and even hard drives. With iMovie, you need not be a computer wizard to be able to create a movie. Generally when making movies, the introduction comes first. Below are a few simple steps in creating an intro using iMovie.

  • Download or purchase an iMovie installer. You can shop online for iMovie video editing software at, or These websites have the best versions of iMovie downloads. Make a shortcut of the software on your computer’s desktop to have easy access.
  • Launch iMovie. To open the program, simply click on the icon twice. When you are already inside iMovie, explore first the features so you can have a sneak peek of the whole package.
  • Prepare the video clips. Get your USB flash disc, DVD, MiniDV, or whatever storage device you have stored the videos in. Insert the devices into their ports or hard drive, and save the clips on your computer desktop. You can create a folder of the transported video files so that your desktop will still remain in order.
  • Open the video clip. Go to iMovie and look for "File and Open Project" on the software’s menu bar. A list of hard drives, folders, and location will open, where you can select the file that you want to edit as your movie intro. Highlight the file then click “Ok.”
  • Get a sneak peek of the movie intro. Locate "Titles" on the right section of your computer screen. There you will see a clip viewer. This allows you to see a preview or trailer of how your movie intro will appear. Study the elements of the trailer and know where you should make some editing. Consider the time, the time lapses, the theme of the movie, and the environment of the movie. While you think over these considerations, you may also want to have a plan of what you want the movie to look like after editing.
  • Get to know the effects. iMovie contains a wide range of video effects that you can choose from. It has specially designed effects that are already in the category of Introduction so you will not have a hard time. Explore and try these effects until you land on the best ones that are perfect for your intro and that will match the entire movie.
  • Type in the title and other significant texts. In a box at the bottom of the effect options, select and key in the words for your complete introduction. This portion is where you are going to type in the title of your movie as well as other additional elements needed in the intro, such as the intro credit, cast, etc. Remember that what you to type in will have upshots on the chosen introductory video effect. You can always reapply different effects as you desire.
  • Make the necessary adjustments. Along with the effect options panel, iMovie also has extra features that allow you to change the speed, font size and colors, and as well as the background, anytime you want. Highlight first the parts you want to customize, and then adjust the time, font, etc, according to their particular options and categories. Play around with the different options until you reach the best result.
  • Watch the preview. At the right side of the iMovie window, you will notice a TV-like form where you can preview the edited clip.
  • Change the format. To be able to do this, click and drag the edited file to the clip viewer. This will automatically change into a format wherein you can freely use the clip for the full length movie.

Even without highly specialized experience in video editing, using iMovie is relatively easy for fashioning amazing movies. Good luck and have fun!


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