How To Create an Invoice with Quickbooks Pro

Quickbooks Pro is one of the most popular and widely used accounting programs worldwide. With its simplicity and user-friendliness, Quickbooks significantly assists all kinds of businesses in managing and automating the sales of their products. At the same time, Quickbooks can be set up to create a database of customers that have purchased any of your products. This makes it easy for any business to keep track of new and regular customers. One fantastic feature that the application provides any business is its ability to create invoices for any product purchase or invoices for billing. It is an easy and efficient way to ensure that your business is profitable.

Get and install Quickbooks Pro. If you have not started to use Quickbooks Pro or any other accounting software for your business, then you are not optimizing and maximizing your business. Quickbooks Pro will provide efficiency in how you track revenue and in general, do business. Purchase a copy of Quickbooks Pro at any retail computer store and install it. Quickbooks Pro comes with easy to understand instructions on how to install and use it for your business. You may contact various applications companies that sell the product if you want to use it a larger enterprise level. They can give you the most cost-effective deal with free installation and tutorials.

Create the new invoice. As soon as you run your copy of Quickbooks Pro, familiarize yourself with the interface. Notice that there are menus on the top part of the application. Since you are focusing on creating a new invoice, look for the “Invoice” icon at the top menu and click on it. This will bring up a window that will enable you to create a new invoice. You may click the “create a new invoice” link from the menu labeled as “Activities” as well. Either way, a new window with blank fields will pop up for you to accomplish.

Enter the customer name. The first field you should fill up is the “Customer Job” field. In this field, type in the name of your customer. If you have a customer database already setup, then you will see a list of customers based on the letters you type. The interface is pro-active and will always search for names in the database that is in the same consequential order. If you are creating an invoice for a customer in the database, then stop typing and click on the name in list. If no list appears, then the customer is not in the database and you will have to add him to the database.

Select an option for the invoice. If the database search for the customer comes up short, then you will need to select from two options to create the invoice. If the invoice is for a one-time customer, then click “Quick Add” to proceed. If the customer is a returning customer, then click “Setup” to continue.

Fill in the information. If you chose the “Quick Add” option, then fill up the fields labeled as “bill to” with the customer’s name and address. If you chose the “setup” option, make sure to follow the instructions and fill up the necessary information required. Once you fill up the name, choose the kind of invoice you will be preparing. On the top right hand of the page, click on the “Custom Invoice” and choose from the three options there. Fill in the item, quantity, and price on the blank fields. There is a box to place comments for the customer as well.

Once you are done filling in the information, click “Print” to print the invoice. When you are done, click “Ok” to save the invoice. It is that easy to create a new customer invoice.


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