How To Create an MPG File

The MPG or MPEG is a particular video file system that presents outstanding quality in a fairly small file. It is utilized on the Internet for coding audiovisual data, DVD, and other types of storage facilities. It is also the compression pattern for Standard Definition DVDs. A free download that you can make use of for a MAC or a PC is the Handbrake software. You can use this when for converting variously formatted video files into MPG files. An MPEG or MP4 extension is usually included in MPG files. Here are some instructions on creating an MPG file using the Handbrake software:

  • Look for the Handbrake download page and find out what their latest version is. If you are using a MAC, locate the Dock icon and click on it. When using a PC, select the Start menu. Choose the specific file you would want to create your MPEG file with. Click “Open”>Browse and select the name and site for your new MPEG file.
  • Choose “MP4 file” which you will find your Format options. To start creating your MPG file, click on the “Start” button located at the top of the window.
  • To convert your MPG files to DVD, use the Windows DVD Maker by clicking on “Start” > “All Programs” > “Windows DVD Maker.” Choose “Add Items” and select which MPG file you would wish to burn on a DVD. Place your empty DVD into your DVD drive. If an “AutoPlay” window should be displayed on your screen, close it out. Click on “Next” which will allow you to see your uploaded video files. Select “Next” again. This time, you will see a DVD options screen. Choose “NTSC” video that is a format normally used for movies. Select “OK” for the DVD movie to be produced.
  • For creating a VCD with an MPG video file, start by opening up your “Start” menu. Select “My Computer” and proceed by looking for the folder containing the MPG file you would want to switch to MPEG. Continue by right-clicking on the MPG’s file name. Choose “Rename” which you will find on the menu options. On the “mpg” file extension, click in between the “p” and “g.” Your cursor will become visible in that area and you can type in “e” on the space in between. By clicking on any area of the window, there will be a resultant change. Double-click on the file to allow it to open automatically on your media player to ensure that it is operational.
  • Download a VCD burner if your software is not capable of burning VCDs. Select “Add Video File” on your VCD burner. Search for your file on the hard drive from the window that will appear. By double-clicking on your MPEG file, you will be able to send it to your burning system. Instructions appearing on your screen will help you through the process. Place your blank CD-R into your DVD or CD drive, select “Burn VCD,” and your MPEG file will automatically write on your CD.

There are several other ways to make use of your MPG files. Make a quick research of all the advantages it offers, and see how it can work for you.


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