How To Create Clothing with Poser Software

Poser is the ultimate software when it comes to 3-D animation and character rendering and creation. This is the type of software used in creating animation and 3-D characters emulating human body form for films, shows, and games. As you create a character, you can likewise create clothing for them to wear. The clothing you adorn on the character will move similar to how real clothes move when a real person wearing them moves. For instance, the sleeves will wrinkle and twist when the character bends his arm. This being said, here are some steps on how to create your 3-D clothing for your 3-D character using Poser.

  • Enter the character. While inside the pose room, load the character you want to clothe. At this point, you will want the character still and unmoving. Technically, this still pose is representative of a single second within the total frame of the animation, which is 30 by default. Once the character has been loaded into the scene, click on “animation controls” at the lower section of the screen.
  • Execute the preparatory adjustments. At the “animation controls” screen, fast forward to the final frame by sliding the dial. Position the character the same way as the 1st frame and modify the lighting and angle of the cameras. Once that is done, slide it back to the 1st frame and load the clothing to the 3-D model. Resize and scale the clothing to cover the entire area of the 3-D model.
  • Adjust the simulation. Switch the view to the “cloth room” by selecting the tab labeled “cloth”. Choose “new simulation” and input the name of the particular simulation. At this point, you will want to use the default configuration of the simulation since adjusting it may prove to be a hassle. Click “OK” to proceed.
  • Clothe your character. To clothe your 3-D model, you will need to select “clothify” and proceed to choosing the prop. Select it from the drop down box provided. Hit “OK” to finalize the selection and click on the “collide against” tab. Follow this up by clicking the “add or remove” option to select the character you want to drape clothes on. Select the model and hit “OK”. At this point, you will want to click “calculate simulation” for the software to make the clothing fit seamlessly on your model and move it based on the animation on each frame. This will transform your still clothing into a more dynamic and realistic garb. Now, once you see how the clothing drapes your character, you might want to look more closely to ensure that it covers the entire physique of your model. You really don’t want body parts sticking out of the clothing when it shouldn’t.
  • Save the model. Go back to the pose room and click on “save”. This will save your 3-D model with the clothing including the animation accompanying it. Preview the animation to ensure everything is in order.

Creating and adding clothes to your 3-D model is easy and quite fun especially if your character is some kind of superhero or villain. Now, Poser is pretty easy to use but it may take some practice to get the hang of it.


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