How To Create Customized Themes for Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most popular business tools to create lush and professional looking presentations that you can use sell a product, convince an investor to invest in your business, or to train your people to work more efficiently. Technically, the content on your presentation is the most important aspect of the entire process but that does not mean that you should ignore the actual theme or look of your slides. It is likewise important to make your slides look sleek and appealing for your audience to pay more attention to it. Now, you can probably use the existing slide templates integrated with in the program but wouldn’t it be much better if the slides were unique and somewhat personalized?
On that note, here are some steps on how you can create custom slide themes for your PowerPoint presentation.

  • Launch PowerPoint. Click “start” and proceed to “all programs”. Select Microsoft Office and click on Microsoft PowerPoint. Once the application loads, choose to open a new or blank presentation.
  • Design a slide. At this point, the slide will be blank with no elements in it. There may be a couple of text boxes but that is it. It is now time for you to add the elements to your slides starting with the design. Basically, you can choose to use an existing template or them and modify it to your liking or you can start from scratch. Starting from scratch may entail more work since you will need to select a color for the background, define the layout for the text boxes, choose the fonts to use, insert images and other media content, and adding other elements. It is highly recommended for novices to use an existing template and modify the elements already in it. Basically, you will use two main tabs to design your slide, the “home” and “design” tabs. The “home” tab will allow you to specify the font to use, its size, and color. The “design” tab is where you can choose to use pre-made templates or set the colors for the background of the slide. To insert pictures or clip arts, simply use the “insert” tab.
  • Look for more themes. If the pre-made themes in the application do not cut it, then you can always look for more themes online by simply clicking on the arrow pointing down on the “design” tab. This will present you with options and if you click the option labeled “more themes on Microsoft Office online” you will be redirected to the website where you can choose and download the themes you want installed. Once installed, select the theme on the “design” tab and modify its elements once again.
  • Save the theme. Once you complete the design for your slide, save it as a theme. To do this, you will simply click on the arrow pointing down located on the “design” tab and select “save current theme”. This will save your theme, which you can use in the future. To access it later on, all you have to do is to click on the same arrow and click on the option labeled “browse for themes”. Navigate to where you saved the theme and open it.

Now that you have made your very own custom PowerPoint theme, you can use it to create your slide show presentation with it. Repeat the same process if you want to create more themes. It is good to have more than a single theme available for use to create variety in your presentations.


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