How To Create DocX Files

You may have encountered the .docx file extension by now and wondered what it is. Well, it is basically a Microsoft Word file extension that Microsoft Word 2007 uses. Technically, you can only open this file extension using either Microsoft Word version 2007 and higher (Microsoft Word 2010 is out right now). This file extension cannot be opened by MS Word 2003 or any lower version unless you have patched these older versions with a compatibility pack which you can download from the Microsoft Office online website.
Creating the actual file with a .docx extension is pretty much limited. Here are the ways to do it.

  • Install Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010. If you don’t have this installed on your computer yet, then now is the best time to do it. What you can do is visit and download the trial version. This trial version will allow you to use the application for a 30 day evaluation period. Once that expires, you will be required to purchase the license to continue using it. The site also offers a student version that is a cheaper alternative. In any case, download the trial and install it on your computer.
  • Launch MS Word 2007 or 2010. Once the installation has completed, locate the desktop shortcut and double-click on it. If there is none, then simply click on “start” then “all programs”. Select MS Word to run it. At this point, by default a new document will be presented.
  • Save it as .docx. Type whatever on the document and click on the MS Office icon top left. Select “save as” and make sure that to specify the file extension of the document as .docx. Once the computer saves the file, you have successfully created a DocX file.
  • Convert it. Another way to create a .docx file is by simply converting another file to it. You can actually convert .doc files (usually used by MS Word 2003 or lower) or even .PDF files to .docx using an online converter. To do this, simply open your web browser and bring up the Google search page. On the search bar type in something like this:  “.doc to .docx converter”. Execute the search and you should get a few sites offering the conversion for free. One such site to use is Simply upload the .doc file you want converted by clicking the “choose file” on the site. To convert it, once the file has been chosen, click on “convert doc to docx”. The process will take a few minutes. One the file has been converted, download it to your computer and you will have a .docx file created. You may convert .rtf or .txt files to .docx as well using this converter. The same can be done the other way around should you want a .docx file converted to .rtf or .doc.

Now, if you are using Open Office, which is a freeware counterpart of MS Office, then you should know that the latest version of it allows you to save your work as a .docx file so that if you send it to someone using MS Word 2007 or up, they will be able to easily open the file.


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