How To Create E-mail Stationery in Outlook Express

Email messages are usually plain and drab. Even with fast broadband speeds these days, most people prefer to send their messages in the smallest size possible, which usually means plain text. However, if you want to make a statement, then you can use email stationery when sending messages. This is useful if you use Outlook Express for your company email—you can simply include the company logo or letterhead in the email. Or, if you’re a stylish person, you might want to send your email using a nice backdrop or nice fonts.

Creating a new stationery in Outlook Express is easy, as it comes with a stationery wizard, where you can define fonts, colors and background images.

With the Stationery wizard

  1. Open Outlook Express. Click Tools, then click Options.
  2. Open the Compose tab.
  3. Click the Create New button to open the Stationery wizard.
  4. In the background options, choose an image that will be used by Outlook as the background for that particular stationery. You can also select borders, or a solid background color. If you want to include an image from your hard drive, click the Browse button. You can then choose a file to be set as your background image or border.
  5. Select the font size and color for your stationery. You can also select other text attributes, such as underline, bold and italics.
  6. Enter the margin widths. These will be for the top and the right side, and are in pixel units.
  7. After all settings have been customized, you will then need to type the name of your stationery.
  8. Click Finish to save the stationery.

From a blank email

You can also make a new stationery by saving a blank email as a new stationery.

  1. Click on the Compose new email button.
  2. Format your email as you would like your stationery to appear. Change the font size, color and attributes.
  3. Insert a background image. You can also insert images as inline attachments to your email. This can be useful for inserting a company logo or a signature at the end of the email.
  4. From the message window, click File, then Save As Stationery …
  5. Give your stationery a name.
  6. Once saved, your new stationery will be part of Outlook Express’ collection of stationery.

You can use your new stationery when composing new messages. In the Outlook Express main window, simply click on the Message menu and look for the New Message Using submenu. Select the option “Select Stationery …” Look for the stationery you have created, and click on its name to make a new message with your pre-formatted fonts and images.

You can also create new messages using a stationery by default. You can do the following:

  1. Click Tools then Options.
  2. Click the Compose tab.
  3. Under stationery, ensure that “Mail:” is clicked.
  4. Select the appropriate option under the “Select …” menu.
  5. Choose the stationer you want to use as default. You can select the one you just made.
  6. Click OK twice.

All new messages will then follow the stationery you have selected as a default for composing new mails. Replies will use the basic formatting, though, but you can always apply your stationery to replies and forwarded mails.


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