How To Create Employee Time Sheets in Microsoft Word

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If your office is not automated with electronic timecard or if your employees are basically the on-the-go or mobile kind, then you are probably having a tough time monitoring how they use company time. Technically, you will always want to know what your employees spend time on while at work to ensure that the wages you pay them are apt to the quality of work they provide. This is where a timesheet becomes an effective tool. You give it to your employee and have him or her fill it up on a daily or weekly basis. This will provide you a basis for evaluation and will account for the hours worked for each and every employee.
Now, creating a timesheet for your employees is quick and easy since it can be done by using Microsoft Word. Here's how to make it:

  • Start with a template. Why even start from scratch when you can just modify an existing timesheet template? The great thing about Microsoft Office is that they provide templates for almost any document or project, whether it is to create invitations or birthday cards. They do have it all and employee timesheets are one of the templates available. To get the template, simply log on to and search for MS Word templates available. You can download a template for free and simply modify it.
  • Edit and modify. Once you have downloaded the template, open it up with MS Word. Normally, you will see a standard form and table. It will start with the date, name of the employee, department, designation, and followed by a table. Edit all these to your liking. If the template is for a weekly timesheet and you are looking for a daily timesheet, then simply edit it by changing the days to hours within a day. Of course, you will want to personalize the timesheet to reflect it as an official document. To do this, simply insert the company’s name and logo as the header. At the bottom of the sheet, make sure that there are fields for the signature of the employee, his direct superior, and HR, if necessary. Save the file and then print as many copies you like or send it to your employees via email.
  • Create it from scratch. Creating a timesheet without any template to work with is pretty easy as well. Simply plot in the information needed on the timesheet. Company name, logo, employee name, date, etc. For the main body of the timesheet, insert a table. The number of columns and rows will be determined on the type of tracking you want. At the bottom of the table, create fields for the signatures of the employee, direct superior, and other relevant personalities in your company. Save the file and print or email it.

Once you have created the timesheet template, send it to your employees and implement the rule of “no timesheet, no pay”. All your employees will be forced to fill these up based on the required frequency and submission deadlines in order for them to get the wages they deserve. This will keep everyone working more diligently and effectively.


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