How To Create Forum Signatures (Sig)

Participating in online discussions about virtually any topic under the sun is easy nowadays what with all the different forums allowing anyone to register and start posting.  Many like-minded people trade information and messages through it.  Now, if you are already trading words on these information portals, then you may have noticed that almost all of the regular members use some sort of signature whenever they post a message or comment.  These signatures are usually in the form of a banner or image accompanied by a text link leading anyone interested to a website or blog.  Basically, all online forums allow this type of discreet online marketing which you should already be taking advantage of.  Here are some simple steps on how to create your own forum signature.

  • Read the forum rules on signatures.  Each and every online forum, while being free to any user, will have certain rules and guidelines that each member should adhere to.  Now these rules tackle most issues such as foul language, spamming, and flooding.  These rules may encompass the creation and use of signatures as well.  This being said, make sure that you are up to speed with these rules when creating your signature.  For example, some forums may impose limits on the size of the image or banner you can use while other forums may limit the amount of text that you can include in the signature. 
  • Prepare the image.  Based on the rules on the forum, you may have to resize your image in order to effectively upload it onto your account signature.  Use Adobe photoshop or any other graphics editing software to resize it in both dimension and file size.  If you are planning to use a banner, then make sure to edit it to fit the dimensions as well.  Most forums allow .gif banners so it may be a good idea to add some pizzazz to your signature through moving images.
  • Start uploading.  Once the image for your signature is prepared, log into your preferred photo sharing account.  Photobucket and Tinypic are some of the popular ones.  Upload the image in order to get the embed code which is an HTML code that you will want to embed into your signature in order for the image to appear.
  • Paste the code.  Log into your forum account and paste the code given to you when you uploaded the image onto the space provided for signatures.  Save and preview to see if the image will get displayed.
  • Insert the text.  If the image is already pasted, then you can now concentrate on the actual text.  In this aspect, you can either go with the various URL or website addresses of your blog, website, or social networking profile.  You may insert a nice quote or famous saying as well.  Some people even promote some kind of product through it accompanied with a link to EBay or Craigslist.  It is entirely up to you for as long as you follow the rules and guidelines set by the forum administrators.

That is how simple it is to create and customize your online forum signature.  By doing this, you will be actively marketing yourself as well as your websites or blogs.  Most online marketers take advantage of this free advertising option and you should too.  


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