How To Create Graphs, Charts Using Excel

Charts are image illustrations of your data, and, as the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. A chart in a worksheet is sufficient to explain each data on the report. The presenter is saved from explaining the worksheet data in so many thousand words. With charts you can make your data visual. You can create a chart to show the changes in your data over time or how the parts of your data fit together as a whole. Excel can easily turn your data into dynamic charts.

Charts and graphs can be created using excel.

  1. Open Excel and open a workbook where to get the data.
  2. Enter the figures and range to be graphed. Do not include heading titles.
  3. Choose a chart type and variation. There are different types of charts such as Pie, Bar, Line and Column charts. Bar and column charts compare series of data. Bar charts show comparison between items while column charts can show a comparison over time. Pie charts show the relationship of parts to a whole. Area or Line charts are best for showing the amount of change in values over time.
  4. After selecting the Chart type, click and grip the mouse pointer to see the chart type you selected with the data contained in it. Click Next to see more options, click Finish and you will see your complete chart.
  5. Add a chart title and Axis title to your chart. Under Data Series In, be sure that the row is selected, and then click the Next button. Click in the Chart Title text box, and type the title. In the Axis Title area click in the Category box and type what you want to put on the Axis. Then click the Finish button.

If you want to quit Excel point the mouse pointer to File and choose Exit. This is how fast a chart can be drawn by using Excel.

Creating a graph which is a chart or drawing using the software Excel is not as difficult as some people think. The steps above can guide a non-computer user to show the relationship between amounts or numbers. When an amount is changed in the graph, the form of the chart or drawing also changed. Graphs are used to display data and them most commonly used are lines, bars, column and pie.
Graphs can be used to show many types of statistics which are not limited to the simple types such as bar, line, and circle or pie. Facts become clearer and more comprehensible. A graph or chart presents facts in image form. They are diagrams that show the relation of statistical quantities. It is one of the simplest ways to associate numbers. They can be used to envisage data on a more reflective understanding of the type of a given problem or recent progress.

Charts in graphic forms could be created for whatever type of presentation. It is important to learn Excel spreadsheet before charts and graphs could be studied.


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