How To Create Keepsakes with Scrapbook Software

Seems that everyone is scrapbooking nowadays, after all, who doesn’t want to create keepsakes of fun memories? In today’s digital age, you can even scrapbook using software and keep your keepsakes online!

The software is so sophisticated. It lets you manipulate things in much the same way you would be able to do it in real life. You can edit and trim pictures, add decorative elements like buttons and even write out short blurbs to go along with your picture.

Here’s how to create keepsakes with scrapbook software.

  1. Make sure that your computer specifications meet the requirement of the program you will download. Have enough memory space so you can use the program comfortably, without compromising the speed and efficiency of your computer.
  2. You will need a digital camera, scanner and a computer to use a scrapbook software. Your computer peripherals should have accompanying USB cords to connect to your terminal. If you are file sharing, you will also need a USB card, card reader or CD reader.
  3. Select from one of the many scrapbooking programs available. You can download programs online for free, such as Scrapbook Flair and Google Smilebox. You can also purchase programs such as Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook Designer Deluxe 3 by Encore. Before choosing one, read the reviews online so you can select the best one for you. Each program has different features and different levels of user friendliness.
  4. When you are ready to start, upload your pictures. Either connect the digital camera directly to your computer via a USB cord, or transfer the memory card and insert into a memory card reader, or get the pictures from a CD of pictures you have previously saved.
  5. Edit your pictures before placing it in your digital scrapbook. Use Photoshop to remove red eye, or manipulate the brightness of a picture. You can even digitally enhance pictures if you want to make yourself look slimmer. However, it’s best to keep pictures in its most natural states other than for a few manipulations. The pictures will serve as a reminder of an encapsulated moment, but if you change your looks or even who’s in the picture, it doesn’t really portray a realistic version of things.
  6. Start a new file on your scrapbooking program. Decide if you want to create and edit an entire album, or if you want to just work on one page at a time. Select your theme and whatever corresponding template and embellishments you want to use. If you choose an album, the software will automatically link together your pages creating a unified look and feel to your scrapbook.
  7. Place the pictures on the page and layout as you see fit. Either click and drag the pictures onto the page or click on the area where you want to place a picture. Make sure you stay within maximum memory parameters per page. Some programs only allow up to a certain number of pictures of file size.
  8. Edit your layout as you see fit. Select embellishments and other designs to make the pages more interesting.
  9. Save your file. You can print out your album if you printer can accommodate the paper size. If not, save it on disk and bring it to a printer.

Using the scrapbook software lets you send and share the files with your friends in the online community. There’s no risk that your keepsakes will get lost or damaged in your home since it’s safe electronically. As long as you have computer access, you can view your scrapbook. It saves you from making a mess since everything is electronically cleaned up.


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